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Thread: Footed Sleepers on Sale!

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    Exclamation Footed Sleepers on Sale!

    I just brought two footed sleepers from this morning at $19.99 each! I figured it was a great deal and I'd posted it up here as soon as I got home from work.

    Most of the site is on sale for $19.99, but they also have some "Cotton" ones which have their version of the non-slip soles for $24.99.

    I will warn you though, they only ship FEDEX or UPS and the cheapest is $17 for five day shipping.


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    I was interested and ready to order then when I click on recalculate to check the shipping charges, it goes up to 55,59$ for a 19,99$ price, their shipping prices are really high, I'm not in Africa or Tanzania here, I'm in Canada next to USA, prefer the great products of

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    Yes they have extremely high shipping rates...$12 for postal shipping...

    I ship lots of items USPS and for an intel like this...even fla rate boxes are cheaper...and pj don't weigh much...

    It just like some eBay sellers...the product costs $1.00 but the shipping is $23.00...

    I'm going put them on my dont order list...


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    Holy Cow!! Sorry about that

    I had no idea they were trying to get that much shipping just for one footed sleeper, because I actually brought two. My logic behind buying two was this: Most websites charge about $50-$60 for a decent (Non-department store looking) ADULT footed sleeper. I really wasn’t in the mood to pay over $100.00 for ONE custom sleeper (although I may sometime WAY down the line). Not to mention, the average price of just one without the shipping on their website was $59.99.

    Both my sleepers were $19.99 each, the shipping was $17.99 which I thought was pretty high but I was buying two and I figured it was the fact they’re using FedEx and UPS vs. USPS. The grand total came out to $57.97!

    That’s pretty insane even with the shipping, because $59.99 X 2 at normal price is $119.98. Tack on the shipping and now we’re up to $137.97! If my grand total was $57.97, then I just saved $80.00!!!

    TWO footed sleepers for less than the price of one and $80 back in my pocket? I’ve never been that great at math, but I certainly will not argue that price.

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    This is hilarious. I just submitted an order from pajamacity last night. I found the comparable product on footedpajamas, but they didn't have my size. >_<

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    That sucks I've run into that a few times myself.

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