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Thread: *is nervous* needing a bit of reassurance...

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    Default *is nervous* needing a bit of reassurance...

    Hi all,

    Received "kit" from script-easy today, and the District Nurse is coming tomorrow morning to fit the "permanent" (packet says upto 12 weeks per catheter) indwelling catheter.

    I have to admit that I am rather nervous about it all indeed!

    I have been told that I will have to use a "night-bag" so that my urine is drained overnight whilst I sleep, because of my bladder already being stretched to at least twice the size of the average bladder, and I have a small amount (10) of leg bags to use when I know that I cannot get to a toilet easily or frequently enough...

    I am a bit nervous about the fitting of the catheter itself, because the nurse who inserted the catheters during the bladder screening REALLY hurt me with her darn finger nails whilst "digging" to find my urethra. She said it was rather deeper than normal. (although I think that was polite talk for telling me I am fat ALL over!) ROFL! *blush*

    Then I am nervous about knocking it in my sleep, or just general moving etc, and hurting myself, and I am nervous about infections, I have not long recovered from a rather potent and painful uti after having the bladder screening done, strong antibiotics were required! (Eeek!)

    Please, tell me to stop being a blubbering idiot if you will, although a little bit of reassurance from someone who has dealt with an indwelling catheter would be really nice?

    Thank you

    CV x

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    Default *is nervous* needing a bit of reassurance...

    You are probably over thinking everything a bit. That's only natural. It'll make you happier overall though and eventually it's gonna be worth it.
    Good luck!!!!!

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    While not having that much experience with catheters, i know that they don't hurt on themself. So, well, yes the nurse was the cause :p
    Maybe talk to her, that she should take it slow, noone is in a hurry, especially in such a situation.

    Anyway, you shouldn't have that much problems, you're a woman after all, only boys can have some real pain from a catheter, heh obvious *evil laugh*

    Just with the infections, they can be a little fraught with problems, to be honest.
    Though most people get rid of those with cranberrys, juice is more then sufficient, if you don't like to eat them
    Altough i really love the taste of them... uhm a matter of taste i guess.

    good luck and stay strong!

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    I had to catheterize myself for over a month, and I quickly adjusted to it. It wasn't the kind that stayed in however. I did sleep with one when I was in the hospital. It's amazing what you can get used to. Give yourself some time and things will become easier.

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    Hey, I'm sorry I have no experience whatsoever to share, but I'd just like to wish you well and hope that everything works out OK for you.

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    Default Re: *is nervous* needing a bit of reassurance...


    Thank you so much for your replies, I fell asleep last night, so I didn't read the replies before she came, and I only just remembered to check now.

    She came at 11:00AM and it all went really well, no pain at all, not even with her struggling to find my urethra. (she says I do have a deep one, and it is not because I am overweight heheh)

    We had a bit of a panic when my dog caught the drip flow valve and pulled it out of the catheter so I got a bit wet lol

    I am currently wearing a bag, the nurse wanted me to wear one for today so that I can keep an eye on my urine as she said it was a bit darker than she would like, so she wanted me to drink plenty and see if it will dilute a bit more.

    I am slowly getting used to the catheter, it feels like I have a UTI at the moment as my urethra is stinging/burning, but I am sure that will go in time.

    The ability to actually go out to places other than medical appointments AND without being overly concerned whether or not there is a toilet in the close vicinity will be an absolute godsend! I can live again!

    Unfortunately I will not be pad-free as the consultant promised because of the mild fecal incontinence. *sigh* if only they could fit a catheter to that too! Heheh

    I am optimistic towards the future!

    Best wishes

    CV x

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    Congrats Cap'n! Sounds like this is a great solution for you.

    I have only worn an indwelling catheter when I was in hospital following surgery, and it was only in for about three days, but I do recall that when it gets knocked it's not particularly painful, just a bit uncomfortable. They are pretty soft after all.

    The stinging/burning is apparently normal - your urethra isn;t used to having something shoved in it, so it gets a bit irritated. I was warned that I would have this feeling with using intermittent caths but of course as I feel nothing in there, I don't get that.

    Infections are always a worry but there's as much risk of that when you suffer from retention anyway, so it probably won't be worse than before. Just keep drinking plenty of water to keep it all well-flushed. And just think, you can drink as much as you like now without having to worry about flooding all over the place.

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    Default Re: *is nervous* needing a bit of reassurance...

    Hi Downtide,

    Thank you for your reply, it has really helped!

    The burning/stinging has reduced to something similar to a tingle, so I am slightly hopeful that I won't notice it at all by morning.
    I was on the medium risk scale of infections, however the nurse has explained how to be TOTALLY hygenic when dealing with the bags and the drip flow valve, she is coming back on Friday to show Simon how to change the drip flow valve.

    The idea of not worrying about how much I drink before going anywhere, or before bed is part of what makes. it all worthwhile!

    CV x

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