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    I'm new here. I try to avoid labeling myself, but I'm mostly DL, with curiousity regarding AB. Recently told a friend about it, who reacted like I'm talking about the weather.. no big deal. So I asked if she could tell a mutual friend, who actually reacted the same way. :P
    And I often see interesting threads here when googling things, so I thought I need to join.
    Besides this, I like video games, am a movie nerd, compose music and like creative things in general.

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    Welcome! I'm glad to hear that you got good responses to people learning about this. What games, types of games do you like?

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    Yes, it's so weird having that kind of reaction..
    Nothing in particular. Mostly AAA-stuff in the top layer of scores, and single player. Although I'm weak for Nintendos games.

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    Welcome to the group. There is definately a lot of information throughout the site. Happy hunting for info.
    I like old movies the most. There is nothing like getting lost(escaping from lifes worries) in a good Boggy flick, or my favorite is any Jimmy Steward movie.
    Again Welcome

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