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    Smile Bedtime story videos

    I was looking at some retro TV programmes on You Tube and I came across "Picture Box" where a story was narrated to animation. And then I remembered "Jackanory", another programme where the presenter just read out a story (probably interspersed with some still or animated images).

    You don't seem to get calm relaxing children's TV any more -- it's all loud and fast-paced and often lacking a proper storyline...

    Aaaanyway, I just thought it was really nice to feel a bit like I was having a story read to me... and a nice way to wind down before a nap, and I was curious as to whether anyone had come across some nice bedtime-story-type videos that they'd enjoyed? Especially any from the 1980s 'cos I loved TV from back then!

    Here's the one I just saw:

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    yeah, that was when children's telly was designed by adults, for children, rather than by spolit, greedy brats (children), for children, with the sole end of producing all-consumed manic consumers.
    i still like Ivor The Engine and Bagpuss.

    nowadays, though, i find that some of the BBC documentaries substitute as bedtime stories; but not of the Brian Cox-onwards era (can't stand his nasal-whining immigrant engrish) and the obsession with the yoofish presenter/style over substance).
    also, (catch it before it's gone) Ceefax on BBC2, with it's 'soft jazz' background music. the Xmas themed tunes were brilliant........ so brilliant that i couldn't nod-off and was just laid there with a big grin on my face. alas, my PVR crashed as i tried to record it.

    as i remember, Jackanory was good, but went downhill sometime in the late 80s as the Beeb copied ITV in apandering to the boisterous inanity of lower-class louts (and that's coming from one of them ) and gimmickry.
    y'know, there's a time and a place, but that's on ITV, not BBC.

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