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    I was feeling nostalgic, and decided to check out the first page of the sissy board (which started just before I showed up on ADISC). I found dome of my very first posts...and was a bit surprised by what I read.

    Back then, I didn't really identify as a LG that much...I like diapers and cross dressing, but I kept the two fairly separate. Now, a year later, I really identify more as a little girl. I think being on here and experimenting a bit has led me to discover this part of myself. It makes me s,mile a bit to see how my understanding has really changed, and also makes me excited about the future.

    What about everyone else? Would you say your view of yourself as a sissy or LG has changed over time? Or am I just crazy?

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    Pre-internet I didn't think of them as related. It was very confusing; I knew I'm romantically and otherwise attracted to girls, yet I was far more interested in dressing up and only traces of a diaper interest. To top it off I grew up in a religious background where it was a sin to kiss a girl, never mind dress like one. Even still in the last several years I'd been feeling a lack of a cohesive identity as it were. I thought the urges to cross dress were long since shamed out of me when out of nowhere it ramped up to the point of nearly neglecting my other interests. Maybe I'm just as crazy; I don't subscribe to the domination aspect of any of this but the pieces of the puzzle didn't really start falling into place until I signed up here. I reckon that's what made me comfortable in accepting what I am, that there was a category that put the closest name on my 'ism'

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    I cant attest to either of you being crazy or not...but, I have found similar self-discoveries. I have refrained from using either LG or Sissy...but I think I identify more as LG...mostly it seems to have garnered me a freedom to not feel pressured to self-label, but to enjoy a more fluid and ever changing representation of expression. I suppose like the AB/DL aspects, it's different things to different people...for some an identity, for others a fetish, or hobby, and others still merely expressions, and counter-culture. I am finding for myself a kind of synergy, or complementary relation with the LG, and DL/AB...

    I'm pleased to see your enlightenment Adventurer...I'm grateful for this time and place we share here! I'm excited too! This place has become very much a part of my off-line life too...I have realized more confidence and ease for with to identify and express myself.

    Thanks all!

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    I don't really identify as a sissy or a LG, but do enjoy wearing panties anyway. It's nice to see that even in this we all evolve and have some changes. It wasn't until i came on to this forum that I even thought about wearing panties again. But I'm glad I went out and made those purchases.

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    I've been thinking about how to respond to this post for awhile but never can seem to get my thoughts straight enough to put them down hehe

    I joined here and another site about a year and a half ago and will definitely say my thoughts on my self and who I am have really changed, or well no not changed but blossomed. Starting out I considered myself a LG/Sissy who did enjoy diapers, my coloring books and bottles but as time went on, being able to meet new people, share my experiences, thoughts and hear theirs I started to take the time to reflect on my life, the way I think and have thought about things and how I see myself and where I fit in this world. And I've realized my interest and enjoyment from being a LG/Sissy, submissive and being dominated, humiliated was my way of dealing with something taht I didn't understand, something I thought wasn't right and needed to be treated as wrong and shameful.

    So yes I would say I've had a great change in myself, my life, my thoughts and my future since I've joined this site, and I owe my happiness and future to my fellow sisters, you have all truly helped me more then words can say
    hehe hope I didn't get to far off track

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    To be honest, I feel a little embarassed about how I haven't really changed at all in this regard. Ever since I can remember I've felt like a girl and ever since I was no longer a little one I've wanted to go back. I worry that not changing is seen as a bad thing, though I do think there is something nice about being consistent as well.

    Interesting to read about all this growth though. ^_^

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