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Thread: What Do You Do Before Bed

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    Default What Do You Do Before Bed

    I was wondering what you do before going to sleep? E.G putting on your nappy/diaper and what kind of diaper do you ware for bedtime, if your not IC do you still wet before sleeping?

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    I pee before bed and then put a clean one on. I pee in the night and in the morning I flood.

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    I will usually wet my diaper and I will usually drink juice from my bottle and end up wetting my diaper some more in the middle of the night or in the morning to the point where it leaks sometimes.

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    I pee first and put on a fresh nappy, usually a Tena Slip maxi. I don't usually wet in my sleep but I nearly always flood as soon as I wake up.

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    Well most nights I go to bed as normal, but on Fridays for the most part my fiancÚ diapers me and places me in plastic pants since we don't have to wake up early on Saturday. When diapered I typically wet prior to going to sleep and then again over night and one last time when I wake up. By that time it's pretty necessary to change.

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    I usually change my nappy about 30 minutes before going to bed and wear a Tena Slip Maxi (which is what I also wear during the day). I'm incon so I leak naturally throughout the night but if I've got time before getting up in the morning I try to spend half an hour or so in bed fondling my diaper and wetting it as much as possible.
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    I change into my Dry24/7 just before bedtime. When I crawl into bed I then take my bottle of juice. While taking my bottle my diaper usally ends up wet
    before I finish my bottle. When I get up in the morning I have my first coffee still in my soaked diaper.

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    Most nights before going to bed I prepare to wet in my sleep. I begin by putting on diapers (cloth) & plastic pants an hour or two before bedtime. Then, relaxing in front of the TV or with a book I slowly sip fluid. When my bladder fills I empty it in the bathroom, down a couple more glasses of water for good luck and go to bed. Drifting off my self-image is bed-wetter: closing my eyes I see it happening. Zzzzzz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectro View Post
    Well most nights I go to bed as normal, but on Fridays for the most part my fiancÚ diapers me and places me in plastic pants since we don't have to wake up early on Saturday.
    That's lovely, isn't it? I really appreciate if my bf is doing this for me.

    For me it's the same on weekends. Over the week, when i'm alone, i tend to take a short shower before going to sleep, or at minimum i clean myself with some washcloth, slather myself with some bodylotion and well... fresh nappy & pyjama, onesie or nightdress aaand done!

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    what i do is make sure the kids got their pull ups on tuck Zack into his bed turn on his night light (only kid i know with a Monster Energy neon light as a night light). get Callum his Bottle and dress him in his pajamas as he cant dress him self acurately yet. then me and him curl up in my bed he's asleep almost instantly, i slip on my turtle beaches and play a few rounds of black ops 2 zombies or halo 4 spartan ops. then i go to sleep. however on nights that my mom has the kids i put on my tena pull ups (as thats the best i can get in town) crash on the couch in living room and wet and enjoy a night of black ops 2 on the 70" tv then fall asleep round 6 AM and wake up at Noon.

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