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Thread: How to word an email to my old school teacher?

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    Default How to word an email to my old school teacher?

    Im at university now, but I need to go back to my school that I left last summer to get some old work back.

    Gotta email my art teacher but not sure how to word the email lol! Dont wanna be too chummy but dont wanna sound rude either...its been a long time to wait to get the work so im not sure if he even kept it!

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    I'd say something like:

    Hi Bob, Remember me?! I was thinking the other day about that four-tonne concrete sculpture of turnips that I made last year and I just wondered whether you still happen to have it laying around? If you do, it would be great if I could ride my bike down and pick it up some time. Anyway, I hope you're well and look forward to hearing from you soon, NobleSeven.

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    Ummm...what tiny said...except...I'd use "Mr. Bob" (a little formality never hurts...and he was your teacher, not your best buddy).

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    i used the full formal approach in a letter to my teachers, and they were chuffed to bits that their work wasn't all in vain.
    of course, that was long before all this e-nonsense.

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    I think it's polite to address someone according to the state of your relationship with them. If your relationship was formal in the sense that you called him Mr....., then that's how you should commence your email... If on the other hand you had a much more relaxed relationship then by all means, begin with Hi Bob, .......

    As it's been a while since you've spoken, I'd suggest you begin by enquiring about his wellbeing....Hope you've been keeping well.....or, Hope the year's begun well for you..... Then you could say that your enjoying being at uni, perhaps even thank him for his teaching etc....I think it's always a good idea to flatter someone (just a little) if your about to ask for their assistance with something. Then of course just leap into your request for the artwork. Give him a couple of options for contacting you, and maybe even finish by saying that you look forward to catching up (if that's what you want ... lol)

    If nothing else, being polite will give the upper hand in the situation, and if he has chucked out all of your stuff, he will be feeling like a heel.

    Hope that helps

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    Just be polite, that's really all that matters. Try going about it casually, it's not like he'll think you're jerk or anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ayanna View Post
    Ummm...what tiny said...except...I'd use "Mr. Bob" (a little formality never hurts...and he was your teacher, not your best buddy).
    Depends what you called him. From age 16 we addressed all our lecturers by first name, and that's how they addressed us. I wouldn't remember most of their surnames and it would feel rude and impersonal to address them that way.

    At uni, though, lectures were much bigger and impersonal and we were addressed as Messrs. X, Y & Z and correspondingly called our lecturers with their formal title and surname. So with them it would feel rude to address them familiarly.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    i still raise my hand to speak in formal gatherings.

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    Dear Mr XXXXX

    I hope this email finds you well, I have suddenly realised that I've left some of my work that I did last year (or whenever you did it) in your department. Therefore, I was hoping, if it is not too much trouble, to come into school and collect it sometime from you. If so, I hope that (date and time) is convenient for you. However, if this time is inconvenient, are there any other times that would suit you better. I look forward to hearing from you soon

    Best regards


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