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Thread: I hate hackers... a rant

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    Default I hate hackers... a rant

    This is a bit of a rant due to the fact that I think someone has hacked my wi-fi router for their own needs. I was off the internet all day Tuesday and Tuesday night due to the fact I was not feeling good and I just wanted sleep. That was all I wanted... anyway- I went to check my data usage through my cable company and it DOUBLED in 24 hours!

    I saw that someone had used 8 gigabytes of data that was not from me and I immediately took action. My cable company has a page where I can check the hour-by-hour usage of data and for the record; I don't file share, download movies or large files off the internet anymore.

    I gave up on that a few years back when I heard cable companies were clamping down and I don't wish to be caught- plus I mostly use the internet for YouTube vids of jumbo jets, freeway vids, reading and researching various interests of mine.

    First, I changed the password on my router. I made it more secure and double-checked all the settings. Second, I did some research online and did my homework on the subject and found out I had probably been hacked. The only reason I can say I was hacked was because my computer was turned off and unplugged from 7am Tuesday 'til 6a Wednesday. The large data usage was between the hours of 8a Tuesday 'til 9p Tuesday evening.

    Someone must have been having a ball at my expense to download 8GB of data!

    So, the big thing is finding out who is doing this. I have worked on securing my computer and my Wi-Fi for the past day and more. I have been getting advice from friends and family; which has made my new system secure- for the record I got a Win 8 laptop for Christmas- and a router a year before.

    I figure it has to be one of my neighbors or the kids that live around here who figured it out and they figured out how to get aboard my router.

    If the mods feel the need to move this from mature topics to the computer section they can- but I felt this could serve as a warning to anyone with their own router- always check the data and watch whoever has access. I also would love to hear if something like this has happened with other ADISCers too.


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    According to my friend wifi is super easy to hack, he said he did it to mine all the time. Nothing you can really do to stop them from doing it. I hate hackers as well, whether it is someone hacking your facebook or even in video games. It's the most obnoxious thing in the world and I wish there was something that could be done.

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    You live in a apartment im suprised thois desnt happen more offten. WEP and WPA are incrediably easy to crack and bypass. Your better off only turning on wi-fi when you need it or limiting devices via their MAC address.

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    It's been trivially easy to crack wi-fi signals encrypted using WEP for years. WPA is harder (but still not too hard given a bit of time) and WPA2 is harder still.

    Make sure you use WPA or WPA2 encryption, and choose new, non-guessable, long passwords for both your router's web interface and for your wi-fi signal (a different one for each). Of course, it's even safer to just use wired connections if you can.

    There's nothing wrong with hacking (i.e. making swift, skilful changes to a device or program to subvert/convert/adapt its function)... and cracking can be fun too if you're using your own hardware.

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    This is the first time it's happened- and believe me I was shocked when I saw all the data usage yesterday when I checked it. I think someone may have figured out my password and decided to go to town. I have stepped up the security on my computer AND router. From now on, the router is off-line when I am not home, in bed, or offline for a while. I am no longer keeping it on all the time.

    When I lived at the Towers, my old apartment complex- there was Wi-Fi all over the place as everyone had their own router or line- It was college student housing so go figure. Where I live now; is more seniors and people with disabilities and not too many have their own computer.

    I was shocked and stunned believe you me- WOW.

    I am already taking precautionary measures to prevent such an event from occurring again. I think I am going to start changing my password every few months too to help keep my link secure.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    ...or limiting devices via their MAC address.
    That's easy to bypass too. It won't make any difference to someone who has decided to target you. The signal encryption is more important.

    Oh -- it might help to enable connection logging on the router too. They can be manipulated, but might shed some clues as to what kind of device is connecting and when.

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    Another level of security would be to change the name of your network and set your router so it doesn't broadcast its id. Potential hackers can see that there is a wireless signal, but then they have to guess the network name before they can even hack the the encryption. This assumes, of course, that its not an inside job, ie, someone who has been in your place and perhaps looked over your shoulder at your computer settings.

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    As others have said, use WPA2 encryption, and use a long, random string of numbers, letters, and symbols for your password. Write it down for safe keeping, but once you save it to your devices you really shouldn't have any need to bother with it. If you continue to get hacked, either turn off your wireless when you don't need or it, better yet, consider switching to wired connection. A wired connection has better connectivity anyway and can't be remotely hacked, so as long as you can deal with being hooked up to something, it's a solid option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    Another level of security would be to change the name of your network and set your router so it doesn't broadcast its id. Potential hackers can see that there is a wireless signal, but then they have to guess the network name before they can even hack the the encryption.
    Nope -- even with the SSID set to "hidden", the network still broadcasts it. It's very easy to scan the signal and determine hidden SSIDs. The only real security is the encryption method and password complexity.

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    Default Re: I hate hackers... a rant

    1. Use WPA2 (WPA2-AES) if available and by all means never use WEP.

    2. Donít base your password on a dictionary word.
    3. In your router settings you can usually hide your ESSID (the name of the wireless network) this will add a small layer of security.
    4. In your router there is probably a mac-address filtering service where you can specify the mac addresses that are allowed to connect. This will make sure that only your approved devices can connect to your network. (obviously a problem though if you have a guest over and wants to connect to your Wifi).

    For your protection I highly recommend writing down a random set of letters, numbers and symbols and use that as your password. Change it often.
    Just a warning to you, if this person that uses your internet for illegal/inappropriate activity, you can be held accountable because its under your name.

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