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Thread: Cotton Wool Filled Pacifiers?

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    Question Cotton Wool Filled Pacifiers?

    Hi All

    I'm in the market for one of those really huge pacifiers and I've tracked them down on eBay. Only problem is, the description said "the sucker is filled with cotton wool" which I've never heard of before. Would anyone know if this would still consider it to be a normal, long-term sucking pacifier? I'd hate to spend $50 on what is just going to amount to a $5 gag toy

    Thanks in advance!

    Here's the link:

    Big Adult Pacifier Red Color NR DS 10 Red | eBay

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    These have popped up on adisc once or twice before. I have known them to be (incorrectly) called the NUK 10 before. I am yet to hear a good thing about them. It was all complaints about them arriving stinking of smoke, it breaking quickly, being overpriced etc.

    You're best off with a NUK 5, or if you really feel the need to go bigger buy from Pacifiers R Us.

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    That sounds unsanitary. The seller is German, misspelled "pacifier," and used the odd word "sucker" in lieu of the more colloquial "pacifier." It's possible "cotton wool" (which is itself an odd phrase) is a mistranslation of something else, though with my elementary knowledge of German, I can't imagine what might have been intended. You could try contacting the seller and asking for clarification. Also note that some of the other pacifiers for sale were made in the DDR, which means they're over 20 years old. Latex doesn't last forever; you might want to be careful here. "Cotton wool," for that matter, might be an odd carry-over from the days of DDR manufacturing.

    At any rate, the item is located in Germany, and, as I see you're located in the US, that should make for killer shipping. Why not go for the tried and tested Nuk 5, which is widely available from US sellers at far less than the price this German fellow is offering? Examples: Nuk Medic Pro (L): Health & Personal Care

    Nuk 5 Pacifier Nuk-p Ab Dl Favorites Adult Size Nuk-5 Pacifier Not Available in Stores *Large White Plastic Shield Genuine Nuk Brand Medic-pro Large Imported Directly from (A little pricier than the others, but definitely more aesthetically pleasing)

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    Thanks for the heads up y'all I might just settle for the Nuk 5. I was only interested in that "Mega" pacifier, because it looked like an adult size replica of the real thing vs. a baby guard with an adult nipple.

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    yes the guard is massive, it shows that properly scaled up adult pacis can be made, let see tbeing produced by companies like pacifiers r us, maybe Bambino could come up with a adult paci to go with its diapers! NUK 5s are overated, they are just a larger teat on a standard baby size mouthgaurd, well it may be fractionaly larger but its certainly not like a scaled up baby paci.

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