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Thread: If you met a *B/DL in public...

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    Default If you met a *B/DL in public...

    Riding on the coattails of Pramrider's thread which is riding on the coattails of my thread, I have a question for all of you: if you were talking to someone and they told you they were AB/DL, how would you respond? Would you confess, too?

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    yeah.. depending on who was with me. I'd let them do the majority of the confessing case someone was trying to out you.

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    If I thought the person was saying it truthfully yes I would.
    I doubt many people would even joke about something like it though.

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    A lot would depend on context of the conversation and how I knew this person. I think my default answer would be that I would not, at that time respond "me too!" I'd want to take some time to digest the information and dither about the possible effects of sharing. To me, it's personal and private, so anyone blurting it out without the right context would be a bad risk as far as I'm concerned. It's likely they wouldn't see it in the same way I do and might not be as discreet with any information I shared.

    Now if this person was someone I was dating and they told me to come clean because they were more serious about the relationship, then I'd certainly fess up. It's all about context.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kovalchuk View Post
    Riding on the coattails of Pramrider's thread which is riding on the coattails of my thread...
    wouldn't that just make a circle? that really takes the whole perpose away from riding on someones coattails in the first place, doesn't it.

    if someone i knew confessed i would tell them i was too, but it it was a stranger than no way.

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    I don't know if I would confess, but my reaction would probably make it very obvious that I knew what it was - denial would be a more than a little difficult. You know how people supposedly only double take in fiction - well if that were to happen I would probably disprove that.

    If I didn't give it away I probably wouldn't say to start off with. If they are a stranger I don't really want to talk to them about that sorta thing. If they aren't then they are trusting me, and I don't want them to think I am making a joke out of it. Also, I would want to be convinced - if they are pulling my leg (for whatever reason) I don't want to tell them when in reality they were just joking. I would eventually tell them if I thought they were genuine but I would wait and see before just telling them. I would tell them, just not immediately.
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    I guess it'd depend on who it was. If it were one of my family members, I'd probably hesitate, because it might make our relationship more awkward. I'd be more open to admitting to AB/DL-ism too, if it were a friend. Most likely though, I'd probably think about it for a while and eventually make a decision as to what to do. I'd want to make sure it wasn't a joke or something, and I'd want to make sure it didn't negatively impact our relationship.

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    Yes, if someone admitted to me that they wore, I would tell them I wore also, they are the best kind of freinds, someone who shares your little secrets.

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    I can't really imagine this happening. I'm not the person people usually choose to tell deep secrets too. So I'm really not sure how I would react.

    I can't see myself tell this someone, even if they told me about if first. It would be really awkward to share this with any of my real-life friends, just because it's so personal to me and I just don't feel that close to most people. Still, it seems kinda sensible to me, if they're sharing then I should too. Plus, it might be quite interesting.

    So I'm really not sure what I do, I guess it just depends on the situation.

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    If it was a good friend from school, I'd ask if they wanted to come over to my place after school, and then perhaps come out to them.

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