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    For those who wet the bed when they were kids.
    Knowing what you know now and assuming all the present kids diapers today existed back then which would you use. Personaly I think I would use the pampers easy ups and underjams had they existed because of the user reviews both my 4 year old son and my 7 year old brother gave me they both say they are more comfortable to wear than the huggies counterparts. Just in feeling them I can see Wat they are saying as they are softer. But the only thing is I don't know which holds more. As backthen I abused my pull ups and goodnites

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    I would probably keep the goodnites, I like them better, but that may be because I wore them as a bedwetter. I will admit though that Underjams are Softer, but they rip easier too

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    Hmm zachs never had an issue with them ripping but I'll admit I can see where that issue would exist. Those sides seem thin. But he's only ever had one pack so I didn't get to expiriment as I'd liked to. they don't sell them here so I had to order them but not doing that again shipping is a killer plus buying local federal gov give us money for buying them in stores.
    But with the issue you said bout ripping I think I'll go back to goodnites and I'd still like the easy ups though.

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    Keep in mind, I'm far from the truly proper size they were intended to fit. Big reason why they tear with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbluehusky View Post
    Keep in mind, I'm far from the truly proper size they were intended to fit. Big reason why they tear with me.
    the question was refering to if you were still 5-10ish and small enough to fit them sorry if i was not to clear.

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    I didn't wet the bed after about age 4, but back then I wanted to be put back into the terry cloth diapers that I was used to. When I got a bit older (for some reason I remember thinking a lot about diapers in secondary school -- probably because I was soooo stressed at the time), I remember seeing magazine adverts for thick puffy Pampers (all white, with just a printed ~3cm wide band at the top front) and just wishing that I could be little again so I'd fit them.

    Little did I know that adult diapers existed! But if I could be 5 again now, I'd quite like to try some mid-1980s to mid-1990s Pampers...

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    I never did wet the bed, but if I did, I would definitely want diapers to handle the problem. I wouldn't want any modern diapers, though--I'd want to savor the old plastic ones as long as I could

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    Id stay with what mom put on me for bed-wetting, cloth and plastic pants.

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    If the products that exist now existed when I was a bed wetter some 30 years ago I would probably preferred to wear either Goodnites or underjams. I real baby diaper would have been great too. I used the Gerber training pants with plastic pants over. It's funny though I am now buying cloth diapers for my self.

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