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Thread: Second Cloth question: Making your own - material choices

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    Default Second Cloth question: Making your own - material choices

    along with my other post (Asking for good available cloth diapers) comes this question:

    I have access to industrial grade sewing equipment - and know how to operate it (I can make a shirt and pair of trousers if I want to )...
    So I'm NOT looking for Patterns or Design-References...


    I'd like "highest possible quality" and "high absorption", NOT TOO THICK...

    I would probably (for cost & fit) consider making them on my own...
    but I only made some from a single fabric (microfibre)...

    But I guess I'd have to "laminate" to achieve a good cloth diaper that does not feel too wet, soaks quickly, wicks the liquid away from the body, is lasting & easy to wash / clean.

    What is the best combination - assembly, material... etc??

    Again - not looking for patterns or how to sew instructions, but for material & material lamination / assemblies that work really well...

    I'd probably make two versions: low cut, slim side profile (single layer), thin soaker pad, velcro closure for the day.
    Mid-high cut, padded sides and heavier soaker section, either pull-on or maybe velcro style for the night.

    For the Cover I'd go and buy a high quality Polyurethane pant (I've already got two of those)....


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    I make mine with flannel next to the skin a thick terry soaker and backed with PUL.
    I also bought an aio that use zorb
    What Is Zorb? Do You Know? | All About Cloth Diapers
    And it does well at wicking moisture away, almost to well.
    As the diaper I have leaks around the pul to the outer cloth at the back of the legs.
    A design flaw not a material flaw
    Hope this helps

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    For mine I used two layers of polar fleece with a pocket inbetween in which I use a six-layer terry-towelling stuffer. The fleece wicks really well, it feels dry even when it's soaked. It's very soft and very comfortable, and I've discovered that it also dries quickly after washing, much faster than terry.

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