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Thread: Baseball season is soon upon us!!!

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    Default Baseball season is soon upon us!!!

    Another season of baseball begins and I am looking forward to the upcoming season; as for which teams I am a fan of- I am a die-hard Cleveland Indians and Philadelphia Phillies fan.

    I'm excited about the season; plus I've been greatly enjoying the World Baseball Classic tournament. I admit the WBC tournament has kept me up all hours so I can watch the games live on the MLB Network and some of those games started at ungodly hours. LOL.

    I grew up on the Indians and I got attached to the Phils when my parents were living in Philadelphia for a few years. My father started following the Phils so I did too, so we could have something to talk about- so I was wondering; are there any other fans of baseball here?

    If you are, what team do you follow and why? The reason I am an Indians fan is cause I grew up 50-odd miles from Cleveland and I still live 50-odd miles from Cleveland! As for the Phillies, that's cause I got attached to them when my parents were living in Philadelphia plus I finally decided on my NL team!


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    Default Re: Baseball season is soon upon us!!!

    I'm a Yankees fan through and through. Growing up it was yanks or cubs and i went with the pinstripes, the Bronx bombers. I get made fun of allot and catch grief all the same, but i won't change.

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    Default Re: Baseball season is soon upon us!!!

    Because red Sox fans and Yankees fans might fight?

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    I am looking forward to opening day at Wrigley!!!! Of course I don't plan on attending but to see my beloved Cubbies on TV again will be great!!!!! I can only hope that this season will be better than last season and as of now the Cubs are still in it and not waiting until next year!!!!!

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    My Rangers get to welcome the Astros to the American League West. Can't wait for opening day.

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    I might go to A's opening day with a friend.

    That is all.

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    Living in Arizona, I am a forced Diamondbacks fan. Though, after a while you really get used to it, and just become a regular fan. I'm one of those nowadays, though our tendency to flip-flop in quality is a tad.. well, it seems all my sports teams do it. I guess it's just the usual for me nowadays. Sort of frustrating though. :P

    Still, I guess I can always remember staying up late and watching an Arizona team actually win something once, feels like so long ago now.. well, because it kinda is. xD

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    I respect that baseball so important to many, however to me it has no appeal.

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