Here is some info on where to buy locally and online in the UK.These are my preferences.I have tried many suppliers and these companies have been very helpful with some going out of their way to be especially so.

Hope you find it useful!


For the best made to measure adult onsie go to Discretely Different,an online company.They make all sort of other clothing and specialist underwear.
I had one made,in the material and colour of my choice (black) .the top was a T-shirt style and unlike other onsies the lower half has elasticated leg holes and snaps towards the front.The lower half fits like normal underwear,they are perfect!
I've had others and they were hopeless,basically a long t-shirt with snaps between the legs,and they cost three times the price and only came in white! Those came from Arizona care.
Discretely different caters for all,the lady that runs it is very understanding and ultra helpful.For my custom onesie it cost me 21 including tax and post,it arrived a couple of days later.
I won't be going anywhere else in future,my need is for medical reasons,not that she asked much about that anyway.
Obviously she knows they are for covering nappies etc and I know she's not the sort of person who would ask why you are wearing nappies.
As far as she is concerned you wear nappies and need a onsie,end of.
The onsie came very discretely packaged in one of those strong grey postal bags with no mention of contents.

I also noticed on here that many are asking about buying nappies in the UK.I get mine supplied by the NHS,but for those that don't any Boots store stocks most of their range of incontinence disposables from pullups to tape ons.
They are boots brand name but are infact made by Attends now,they used to be Tyco.The packets they sell are usually in 10's for 8 (the tape on diaper type).
If they don't have them on display they can order them in or you can from their website.Boots can also order in any of the Tena products for you at no extra cost,again you can also order them online.

Just thought that bit of info might help,the same goes for Lloyds pharmacy,they usually stock a decent selection (Tena range) and what's not on the shelf they can order in,or you can order online from their website.

The main benefit of going this route is that prices are competitive and tend to be lower than many other suppliers.
This is where I had to get my "protection" for years before I found out I could get them on the NHS.My doctor and my specialist for years knew about my incontinence and never told me! I had to find out myself!

They like to keep that a closely guarded secret,probably to keep costs down.You have to physically ask (repeatedly) and make an appointment to see a continence nurse where your needs will be assessed (you don't need to see your doctor to get an appointment with the inco nurse,the two are separate.Also the continence team never consult your GP either,so unless you tell him he wouldn't know.

They used to make us pick them up from the surgery,leaving you to walk out with a months supply of pads through a crowded waiting room/reception then out to the car.Of course everybody takes a fleeting glance at you and what your carrying!
That was when they used to supply Tena pants plus and Tens slip maxi to me.
Due to cost cuts they now supply Euron pads and net pants plus Euron Form Super Plus.These are delivered to my door by mediquip themselves.
They supply three months worth at a time and I struggle to find places to put this vast order as I live in a tiny place!So they end up under the bed,at the end of the bed and in the wardrobe.Even after all that there are many more packets to store discretely incase someone should come over,I'd rather it was all out of sight!

Sorry for the long waffle but I hope some find the info useful in their quest to fulfill their needs,which can be difficult in the UK!
Good luck! Stew.
PS As for plastic pants THE place to go is SHOP4PVC they have a huge range at good prices,quick discrete delivery,excellent sales team.They have their own website and eBay shop.They are the best in every respect,I don't go anywhere else!