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Thread: diaper's at school

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    Default diaper's at school

    did anyone every wear diapers to school back when they were in high school?

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    Quote Originally Posted by markbob View Post
    did anyone every wear diapers to school back when they were in high school?
    During my time in High School I did take the risk of wearing a diaper or two around school mates but it did bring many close moments and risks that would have ended me socially and probably would have caused my good years to be bad. If you do think of wearing diapers make sure that you're not gonna have gym or have friends that are rather touchy because that will just bring the most awkward of moments.

    But on the positive note, one good thing diapers did bring to the school was the fact that it somewhat cushioned my chair during classes and I'm pretty sure you know what I mean by cushioning the seat. During my non-T.A classes I had to sit on hard uncomfortable plastic seats for 2-3 hours depending on what classes I had that day but the diapers did help make the long boring hours of lecture a bit more comfortable. They also do provide quick bathroom access but that is probably something you should rarely consider and really be prepared for because this means you will have to change during school but it did come in handy during desperate times of need so there you go.

    Would I recommend it to be a daily thing? Not really due to the numerous risks that might end up making your High School Experience horrible but every once in a while where you know that you wont have a high possibility of getting caught is not a bad thing.

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    I became incontinent as the result of a surgical misadventure when I was 14 years old and had to wear diapers to high school. This was during the 1950's, long before the advent of adult disposables. So I wore cloth diapers with plastic pants.

    It was a nightmare! Although the fact that my classmates knew I had a medical problem probably mitigated the negativity of their behavior somewhat, I was still ostracised and teased so severely that I considered suicide.

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    Nope. When I was in H.S. and in college, I was fully fully in hiding. Wouldn't even have considered going outside the house in a diaper - ever.
    They were strictly in the bedroom and behind locked doors; that was also a time when the binge/purge cycle was ubiquitous in my life.

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    I did it a few times, and it was always fun, but it was all I thought about during class.

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    I wore quite a bit in high school. I had a friend who was very supportive that I had a couple of classes with so that helped me to be more confident in wearing diapers.

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    Yeah, though when I was in High School ordering diapers online wasn't quite a thing that me and my parents had discovered yet, so I was wearing Depends most of the time. As has been said previously, was a nightmare, :/

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    the hard chair cushioning thing may backfire. Diapers get lumpy when wet, even from perspiration, after being worn for long enough. They can become worse than a hard chair to sit on at that point.

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    I never did wear diapers to high school. Can't say I remember even thinking about it, actually! That was in the early 90's, however, before the internet exploded and before I found out that there were others who liked diapers. I was still very much in my own little weird world. I did wear diapers to class in college on occasion, but they proved to be a bit of a distraction.

    Given the recent epidemic of cyber-bullying, I can say with certainty that, where I of high school age now, I would most definitely not wear diapers to class. No way. Too much potential pain for too little gain, IMO.

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    I didn't wear in school, but did on occasion in college. Now I'm back working at school and I'm tempted to.
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