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    Default Whats the *B

    what differences are there between *B/DL and AB/DL. Or arent there any? If so what does the * mean?

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    The star/asterisk is just a place-holder (wild card) for either "A" or "T".

    Instead of typing out 'TB/AB' all the time, it's a lot easier/quicker to just say '*B'.

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    It comes from part of something called a Boolean Search, where * is used as a wildcard. This means that there is something where the * is but it could be anything.

    Boolean Search

    Here it means a T or an A, but theoretically it could be anything. We just use it because it is easier to type.

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    The only difference is in your mind, you can be a TB as long as you want to be, but if you go technical 19 is the end of being a TB, and then you become an AB if you want to.

    I avoid all that by just being a DL, with very slight aB tendancys.

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