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Thread: SNES Fans?

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    Default SNES Fans?

    Twenty years ago, I discovered the majesty of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System...and the world was forever changed. Truly, this console shook the nations and transformed life itself.

    OK, exaggeration aside, I think this was the best gaming system ever made. Whether playing the classic platformers like Super Mario Bros, or the old-school RPGs like Secret of Mana or Breath of Fire, I haven't found a system since that matched the sheer addictiveness and fun of the SNES

    Who else loves this great old system? Any favourite games or general memories?

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    I spent a lot of quality time with my SNES, and I still regularly play SNES titles on the Wii VC.

    My favorite SNES game is Super Metroid, though I love a lot of SNES titles. I play Lost Vinkings with my daughter every now and then (actually have to get out the SNES console for that), and Gradius III, Super Castlevania IV, and Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts still occupy a goodly share of my late-night game time.

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    The super Nintendo is my all time favorite console, as a colector I was super excited to finally acquired one, and as I watch my small collection of games (only about 20 games) it makes me really excited

    Any who I'd say Final Fantasy 2 is my favorite game for the system, but Earthbound (A game I will sadly never own) comes in a close second.

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    I still use mine on a pretty regular basis. I live in the stone age of video games though lol. I'd say as a whole, SNES had the best games overall for any system. For the thread: Mortal Kombat, Fatal Fury, Killer Instinct, Street Fighter 2, Contra 3, Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Harvest Moon, Zelda: Legend of the 4 Swords, Clayfighter, Final Fight 3, Donkey Kong Country, Doom, Beavis and Butthead, Super Mario RPG, Double Dragon, Spawn.... just so many great games.
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    I think the games were easier to play, or understand, or get around in...... It seems like the new games necessitate a college course just to figure them out. It's one reason why I stopped playing. They just weren't fun anymore. I'm sure my advancing age may have had something to so with it as well....sigh.

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    I always thought the games of that era were more challenging in a way - saving was often harder to come across and games seemed focused on encouraging you to explore and learn for yourself instead of having to play through a tutorial. We didn't have infinite lives like we seem to in the Call of Duty games and success was often a more elusive concept.

    My favourite SNES moments were almost all centered around Chrono Trigger. I bought it for 2 dollars in 1999 for my almost equally cheap second hand SNES (this was the era of the Playstation after all). I sunk countless hours into it, and never even finished it. To this day, it remains one of my favourite games and I try to keep it nearby - it's currently on my Android phone - and I still haven't finished it.

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    Heh, actually most people tend to say, that new games are way more casual friendly, some are that easy that they may cause a cerebral atrophy, jokingly said.

    SNES... i kinda miss those times. Chrono Trigger was great! as almost all JRPGs. My favourite is FF VI, i guess, but i love all Final Fantasy Games till X too anyway (snes, ps1&2) :).
    Kinda surprising was, that nearly all JRPG sequels have been released on the PSONE and not on the N64.

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    SNES had heaps of awesome RPGs
    A lot of RPGs are too small and short these days :/

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    SNES was my first gaming system. I've had an interest in gaming since I was as young as 2. I felt an intense surge of pure joy and excitement at opening that big wrapped box on Xmas Day 1997 (Age 6), It was love at first sight. I can't tell you how many hours I clocked in to Super Metroid (the best 2D Metroid imo), Super Mario All Stars, Final Fantasy 6, Super Star Wars, etc.

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    I gave mine SNES to my nephew. Yes it was fun when I was younger.

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