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    So im new to this sight and i gess im suposed to introduce myself. Which in realy not good at. My Name is Danny. Im 18 years old. Im not sure whether i am a AB or a DL yet. Im still making my decision.
    There realy isnt a whole lot to know bout me. Im pretty chill and it has been said im easy to talk to. So yah that is about all i can think of

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    Hey Danny. I'm also 18 and fairly new to ADISC.

    Don't worry too much about the distinction between AB and DL. It isn't that relevant - they are just terms. Most people aren't one or the other. You could be both.

    What kind of stuff are you interested in?

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    I enjoy being outdoors and going bike riding or running. I have also recently figured out i love horseback riding. Wat are some things you are interested in?

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    The outdoors are great. I particularly like to hike when I get the chance. It's just amazing to start at the bottom of a mountain and look down a few hours later - to see where you were to begin with. My father actually owns a horse, although he's way too old to ride.

    One of my favorite pastimes is playing card games - stuff that uses a standard 52 or 54 (with jokers) card deck. Texas Hold 'em, Liar's Poker, many other games... For me it's one of the best ways to spend time with friends.

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    That would be realy cool to hike up a mountain.
    I have never played any card games. I should probably try it one day haha.

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