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    My baby brother he is 4 years old he opened my closet door and saw my diapers and said why do you wear diapers? He cant talk that well yet he said that clear is day i was like WTf lol Anyone have any crazy stories happen to you?

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    In a way that's a funny story. That's where you need child proof locks. He's not there full time with you is he?

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    My wife and I were doing laundry on a Saturday, and my son and grand daughter dropped in to visit and walked right into the laundry room. In the back, on the line, was hanging a cloth diaper and a pair of plastic pants. I hoped like hell they didn't see them. We made short conversation and went out into the family room. I now hang things to dry in the furnace room!

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    I live alone but I have company somewhat frequently, and they will sometimes bring their kids. And you know how kids are in another person's house, most kids will snoop around once they get bored. And with company distracting you, it's easy to not notice a kid step into your bedroom from down the hall.

    So I decided to put a lock on my diaper cabinet. Got one of the cheap storage cabs from a local hardware store. It had no lock on it, both large doors swing open from the middle. Installed a small slide latch on one door, requiring the other door to open first when the latch was extended. Then I drilled a hole in the top of the cab (out of sight from anyone that's not over 6'2") that swings an arm around inside by the other door. Then a carefully bent up L bracket screwed to the door to engage the lock. Done.

    So now I tend to keep the cab locked. The key sits in the lock, but it's well out of kids' reach, and won't be noticed by most others. Yet it's quick and easy to operate, and is very discrete. The cabinet doesn't appear to be lockable at all, and there's no immediately obvious reason why it won't open when you try a door.

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    i overheard this kid say "that guy is wearing diapers" one time he was about 5 or 6 but i dodont really care much im kinda starting not to care about people finding out about my diaper use

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