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Thread: Mr. Nys Guide to Messing!

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    Lightbulb Mr. Nys Guide to Messing!


    So lets talk poop. Every ab or dl has considered the thought of messing him or herself, some have done it and enjoy it, some have done it and absolutely hated it. Today Id like to give you some tips for those who would want to give it a shot, or for the peeps that were horrified for the first time, to maybe reconsider it.

    Let me tell you about me. Im an AB, and I love my diapers. I love using them. I mess 3-4 times a week, and I can tell you I actually enjoy it! Like many people, the first time was awful. I said, Never Again! Then I tried, tried, and tried until I figured out the perfect way to go about doing it, where it would be enjoyable and easy for me to handle. Obviously this is just my way of doing things, its my opinion, and Ive just found its worked best for me. So why not share?

    So before we get into this, lets remember one thing, and one thing only. Diapers were not just made to be wet; they are also made to contain your mess in your pants. Most of them are actually quite good at it too! So when you worry something might go wrong, just remember these things were made to do this.

    So you have decided you want to go #2 in your pants. Great! Now whats the next step? The first step to messing is that your skin needs to be ready for it. While girls do not really get hair near your butt, boys do. To make cleanup easy and to make your life wonderful, that hair has got to go. Im not a big fan of shaving all the way down there, but its the best way for cleaning up after a mess. Do what you need to do to get rid of that hair all around your butt, and then its on to the next step.

    The next step is PLAN. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before deciding to mess. When am I going to be home alone for at least an hour? What food should I eat so my mess is easy to clean up? Do I have the proper Diaper for the job? Do I have a way of disposing the diaper in a timely manner after the event?

    So youve planned youre going to mess. My advice if it is your first time is to eat fiber, hold it until you REALLY have to go, and be open minded! The reason you would want to eat fiber is so it comes out nice and hard, this is the easiest to clean up. Make a note of what you eat, because it either comes out hard, soft, or soupy. Im not going to go into detail on what they are like, Im sure you can figure out which one isnt very fun to clean up after. Hold it till you really have to go! Why? So you get a nice full diaper! By now if you are really grossed out, this might not be your thing. But a full diaper feels wonderful! Dont knock it till you try it! Regardless, if you fill your diaper the first time you do it, you will know if it is your thing or not. It isnt for everyone!

    I would also like to discuss the proper diaper for the job. I personally favor the Molicare Super Plus. They have excellent odor control and can hold just about anything you throw at it. Any other bulky adult diaper works great, (bambinos, abri-forms, dry 24/7s). I would stay away from baby diapers and store brand for your first time, just to assure everything goes as planned.

    Clean up time! So youve just messed and you are either a very satisfied or a very disgusted baby, what now? Well at this point you need to get out of that diaper, dont leave a messy diaper on for very long, I wouldnt leave one on for more than a half hour without changing. The first step is confidence, tell yourself you will survive and you can handle it. The next step is to go into your bathroom and remove any rugs, carpets, or towels that may be on the tiled floor. This is incase anything falls out you can clean it up easy. Then, start up your shower so you can be in and out and make sure you have a diaper bag, garbage bag, or some sort of something to dispose of the diaper in ready. Lie on your back, undo the tabs, and open it up. Dont freak, it might be a little stinky and look kinda scary. But its really simple. Stand right up, open your butt cheeks and try and shake off whatever might be stuck to your bottom into the toilet. Take the diaper either dump the poop in the diaper in the toilet(this keeps the smelly level down) or roll it up and place it in the bag. Get in the shower and wash off your bottom. DONE! Its really not that hard!

    Youve just cleaned up and youre a clean baby in your fresh diaper. Take that used diaper and get rid of it immediately. Take it out to the garbage or take it to your dumpster. Youre done! You survived the dreaded poopy pants monster!

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    Makes for a convincing argument. I prefer to wet but I have used it for its intended purpose and above its capabilities. I take the attitude that it's not as pleasant as wetting but it happens sometimes and you just have to deal with it. Personally sitting in the mess for more than a few minutes leads to problems for me, and really it can't be that good to have something that needed to be expelled from your body, be in direct skin contact for any length of time, but you bring up some good points about minimizing collateral damage to household fixtures. 1 thing I would recommend is having a spare old newspaper to spread out at the ready. Especially good that you mentioned going straight to the shower/tub to get cleaned up

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    Thanks for the tips but it's not even as bad as you make it sound, I poop my diaper all the time when my parents are home, one time my mom even started talking to me as I was on my way to the bathroom haha. But yeah it's so worth it for those of you that want to try it

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    With regard to cleaning up after #2 what I find helpful is,once you have removed the diaper and disposed of the excess,you can use a clean part on the diaper to wipe your backside to remove any excess.You could use toilet paper,but why waste expensive loo roll when there's an unsoiled area in your diaper.
    Due to medical problems I have I suffer from extreme bowel urgency with no warning combined with powerful excruciatingly painful cramps.
    My bowel leaks anyway,at night,so when a sudden,violent increase in pressure arises I have little choice.In my room the toilet is only a few feet away and it's level ground to get to it.If I had to travel any distance or (god forbid) walk upstairs I'd have no chance.
    As I have to use a stool softener (Movicol) the "output" is always slurry.I'm stuck in a catch 22 because if I don't take Movicol when stool enters my colon and it's firm it causes immense pain as it travels the length of my colon which takes about 8 hours.To make matters even worse towards the end,above the rectum,there is either a stricture or a partially twisted section of bowel.As the formed (but not hard) stool navigates this area the pain becomes unbearable as it forces it's way through the restricted area.
    So the choice is nocturnal soiling,extreme pain followed by ever increasing pain (After events like this I have to go to bed for eights hours as it wipes me out.
    Option two is to use movicol,get the usual nocturnal soiling though it's a little worse,considerably less bowel pain,just discomfort.When it comes time to go it can be very difficult to control and the occasional accident happens.
    Option two is by far the best option,I have to wear diapers for both anyway,plus I suffer from urinary incontinence, frequency,urgency and nocturia,the urethral strictures I have makes matters worse.So I'm wearing diapers anyway.

    I've had countless investigations and a number of operations but nothing has improved,I've been lumped with the "You'll have to live with it as best you can" My main disease is chronic pancreatitis which has caused all manner of other problems.I'm supplied with enough morphine and Fentanyl to sink a battleship but after so many years of being on high doses it's not that effective anymore.
    Before the painkillers I suffered uncontrollable diarrhea,I'd be in the toilet every 30 minutes all day and night and in allot of pain with my pancreas.As the doses of pain meds increased my bowel calmed down and the severe pain lessened,though I do get serious flair ups if I attempt to eat a small meal.The bowel problem over the years started causing the same problems in my bladder of frequency,urgency,post void leakage,inability to hold it without terrible pain etc etc.
    So the bowel went first and the bladder followed.Has anyone else experienced this also?I tried using a foley catheter but the strictures and constant uti's put an end to that.I still catheterise to stretch the strictures and drain off any residual.I use desmopressin at night which cuts kidney output and it works well,too well as I end up retaining too much fluid.I suffer from peripheral edema in both legs below the knee.The excess fuild makes it ten times worse.So once a month I use a foley catheter overnight,In an eight hour sleep I lose over 4 litres of urine! I connect multiple leg bags together so I don't get woken up to a bursting bladder and a full bag,not fun!
    As with all things medical,a "fix" for one problem makes others far worse and you have to work out a strategy to get the best out of both.
    Since using betadine to disinfect the urethra where the catheter enters has vastly helped in stopping the UTI's.At one point I kept getting testicular infections,these are horrific.Only one swells up at a time to the size of a cocnut and the pain in unbearable,I had it one side then the other.Why they don't know as catheterisation rarely causes that and at the time I was cathing very rarely,obviously!
    It may be that as I suffer from hypogonadism (little or no testosterone production,injections every three months for the rest of my life now) that I became more susceptible to it.
    Before the age of 27 I was fine,was never ill,EVER.From then on it went downhill rapidly and has only gotten worse.

    Well that was longer than expected,but I thought the background info as to what was going on might be of interest/help to others.

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    These are all awesome points, thank you for all the nice comments and feedback!

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    I enjoy messing but the biggest problem is all that hair LOL.

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