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Thread: Are you a bulk or variety user?

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    Default Are you a bulk or variety user?

    The other thread was closed, and from last year. Wanted to open up discussion to how many types of diapers users here like to vary between.

    I only have a couple at the moment. A few M3s, bunch of 24/7s, some of the weaker Molicares and Bambino Biancos.

    I normally juggle between 24/7s and m3s based on where/how long I'll be wearing. The Bambinos are for special days ... but when my tax return comes in- I really plan on spending the extra bucks to buy a variety of bags.

    I'd love to get: Molicare Super Plus's, M4s AND M2s, ATNs, Tenas and Wellness.

    How about you guys? Do you just stick to one brand until you run out, or does that get boring to you all, also?

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    I usually have a range in stock, of pads, belted and all-in-one slips, for different times of day/different purposes. Though I do experiment a bit and try different brands. Of all the brands I've tried so far, I prefer Tena for the slips and belted Flex, and although I like Abena pads I don't buy them now because the NHS supplies Molicares for free and they're pretty decent. I don't like Tena pads - they seem to be the wrong shape to fit me properly and they leak badly. I'd like to try Abena M2's (because the M4 is really too much for my needs now) and I will probably buy a couple of packs of those once my current stash of Tenas runs out.

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    I haven't tried the M2 (also why I'm interested) but the M3 holds a good amount while being fairly thin. The XP Medical chart shows they're pretty similar dry, while the M3 gets a little thicker wet. Although, the M3 holds a large amount more than the M2! Just something to consider! Adult Diaper Review and Testing

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    The first few times I bought adult diapers was from a chemist's, so I didn't have much choice. Initially it was crappy Boot's own brand... until they started using cloth-like backing around 2000. Then (to my amazement) I found a chemist's in London which had a huge section for incontinence products. The only "proper" nappies were Tena Maxi Slip, so I stuck with those for a while.

    Then, when I ordered off the web for the first few times, I'd go for "the best of both worlds" -- ordering one case of Tena (since I knew what I was getting) along with a case of something else.

    Despite their near universal unpopularity with everyone else (!), I quite liked the Tender Care diapers. They had nice thick non-stretchy white plastic on the outside, very little elastic, and the tapes stuck very firmly in place. The Attends Special Care 10 had thin (but nice feeling, rubbery) plastic backing and were thicker and more comfortable, but... you were less aware you were wearing one. So I shuffled between Tender, Attends and Tena -- always having a variety on hand to fit my mood!

    I came across some Harmony diapers with two Velcro areas on the front and a "fabric-like" belt that stuck to the Velcro (a bit like the two-tape Attends, but with Velcro instead of adhesive tapes). They were amazing. Very discreet, very comfortable... but after buying one pack I never ever saw them again... :-(

    Then I discovered the plastic-backed Abena M4s (and later M3s) and it seemed like I'd found the perfect match! The M4s fit higher up on the waist (great for us blokes), fit more snugly than any other diaper, were more absorbent, and generally almost perfect. The M3s were great for daytime as the padding was narrower at the front, making walking less waddle-like...

    So... until recently, I'd stuck to the plastic-backed Abenas with the occasional Tender Care one for a bit of variety.

    But now... with plastic-backed Abenas discontinued and officially no longer manufactured (despite the US market still having them), I don't know what to do. The cloth-like ones are nowhere near as comfortable and tend to sag and leak much more easily round the leg cuffs.

    What I have in my stash now:

    • Old blue-label plastic-backed Abena Abri-form M4
    • Newer black-label plastic-backed Abena Abri-form M4
    • Abena Premium Air-Plus M4
    • Old blue-label Abena Abri-form M3
    • New fake-cloth-backed Abena Abri-form M3
    • Lille Classic
    • Tender Care Night
    • Attends Special Care 10
    • Cuddlz Bianco (re-branded Bambino diapers)
    • Boots Staydry Slip (re-branded Attends Slip Regular 8)
    • Lidl nappies (they look identical to the Attends Slip Regular 8)

    But... I'd give up the variety for a lifetime of plastic-backed Abena Abri-Form M4s... They were great.

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    I buy by the case for the what I use all the time. I also buy the occasionnal bag of other brands or model when I want some variety.
    I still have a large collection of many brands and models.

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    I got two diapers I buy on auto shipments. I get a case of 72 Dry24/7's every 8 weeks which I don't forsee changing. I also get a shipment of Attends waistband
    style every 5 weeks. Those I might change to Attends breatheable when the weather heats up in a month or two. I've petty much sampled some of the other
    brands I was interested in. Since I'm on a fixed income I invested in my Dependeco AIO's that I also wear to help hold down my disposable costs. So far it's
    working out for me. I only use 2 disposables a day.

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    Default Re: Are you a bulk or variety user?

    If I could, I would have a good variety. They must have good capacity for me. The thinner ones tend to leak to fast for my tastes. My current collection is... Bambino Teddies, Classicos, Belssimos, Attends with waistband, vintage Attends with waistband(not blue tape), Kendall Wings, Medline Ultra Soft(terrible), Absorbs (terrible), Tena Super, Goodnites, Pampers, Cool Diaps (plastic backed baby diapers, capacity sucks compared to Pampers but still the different prints are cute.) Fuubuu cloth diaper, Gerber prefolds, and a few pairs of plastic pants.

    If I had my own place it would be too big for my own good lol.

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    My first favorite was and still is the Abena X-Plus. Then years later I discovered the Dry 24/7. Today, those are still my two favorite premium diapers. I've had several other brands that I've tried out over the years (too many to list). My favorite store bought go-to diaper is the Wal Greens Certainty diaper.

    Although recently I've wandered into the cloth realm. Which is something I thought I'd never do, but when cost is a big consideration, compromises can be made, lol. I have a Dependeco velcro cloth AIO diaper and two pairs of Baby-Pants training pants. I've found that if I wear both pair of training pants with the AIO cloth diaper over them, the bulk rivals any disposable. And the benefit of wash and reuse is a big draw to investing in them!

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    I'm a creature of comfort. I stick to one brand, whichever one feels really good to me.. and I use them till their gone. Then, deciding on the next one can happen.. I can possibly switch at that time but ideally I will find one that is good price and feel for me that I just stick with it for good. I don't really get bored of them.

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    Kinda both?

    When I have my diaper times, I tend to get some known, reliable diapers in a bulk amount - like the Molicare Super Plus in my case.

    But also, I love to get variety. Any order usually contains at least 6 different diapers. I still like trying new ones as I am not even close to having tried them all

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