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Thread: Rather amuusing experience with my last order

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    Cool Rather amuusing experience with my last order

    Haven't posted for a while, but got a rather funny story to share. Although it wouldn't have been so funny if I didn't have my own place.

    Somehow wound up lumped with a couple of boxes of Lille Supreme maxi (orrible cloth covered stuff, don't reccomend) when I was after conti-fit which they apparently don't make anymore.

    Thing is that I only ordered one box, and they sent 2 by accident. Have been away for a bit any got home to find the synergy online people had left a voicemail asking if I could return the extra box they sent by mistake, and they even sent a FedEx man round to collect them.

    Suffice to say it's a bit late for that now since lets say their product's have been disposed of in accordance with their usage instructions, so I wouldn't imagine that they'd want them back in their current condition (sorta in the rubbish smelling pretty awful).

    Since they're not selling anything plastic backed I won't be using them again anyway, and I guess anyone ordering stuff from them using a shared house or similar should beware, since the boxes were not the most discreet in the world, and the whole trying to get their padding back could have not been funny as I mentioned.

    Anyway *giggles and warns everyone that they might get more than they expected from the company concerned*

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    Yuck that sounds like a sort of underhanded move by that company. We put a lot of faith into our online stores for discretion and I think most places are amazing and reliable in that way. This place you've written about seems to have broken the unwritten discretion rules for our community. I'd be mortified if that happened to me.

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    Wow. I've heard of this, too. Dry 247's front desk person had this bright idea when they sent me a pack of smalls instead of mediums. The only difference was they wanted me to chase the FedEx guy down to ship them back. Needless to say I wrote an email to the office and got a different response. The honest truth was the bag had a sticker on them that said smalls, while the pack said mediums, and I opened the bag to make sure. Even though I didn't include this in the email- they told me to keep them and sent me a correct bag. What a silly thing to do though! That's horrible customer service though, no matter what brand you're selling! After that, and never getting a responce from Dry 24/7 on the rumors about them running out- I'll only buy through XPMedical for my Drys for now on. The owner of XP has amazing customer service skills!

    Although I could see a company wanting to do it if you purchased a more expensive item- someone doing this for a pack of diapers is sillly.

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