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    It's only one month shy from one year when I discovered this site. It's the very first ab/dl site I have joined as a member. Before I discovered this site. I had no idea that there is this amazing community of people just like me. Almost my entire life I have been a diaper lover. It started when I was five. My mom ran a baby daycare center in our home, and I was always jealous of the babies wearing diapers because I wanted to wear them. I then would steal the babies diapers and wear them at night when everyone would be sleeping. I would always wake up early in the morning to dispose my diaper in the diaper genie that my mom had in the daycare nursery. Once I grew out of the babies diapers at the age of ten. I was sad and always longed to wear diapers again. I was never brave to buy them because I always thought I was alone on this fetish. It was just a year ago that I discovered that I'm not alone on this. After chatting with some of you on here. Some of you convinced me to buy my first diapers. The day I did I was so over joyed and so thankful to many of you for your support. I now have my own place for the first time in my life. For the past year I have been hiding my diapers from my roommates. I now no longer have to do this. I now where every time when I'm home, and it's the most amazing freedom I could ever have. I Thank you all for all of the encouragement you all gave me. I'm so glad to be back in diapers again.

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    Congratulations on getting your place and wearing diapers again! I love wearing diapers 24/7 and even at work I love wearing the soft feeling of diapers and relaxing feeling

    of peeing in a diaper it melts the stress of the day away from work! It keeps your butt warm on the cold winter days and there is nothing like the feeling warm fresh peed

    diaper and comfort and relaxing affect a wet warm diaper gives,but I like to change the diaper soon after so I don't get diaper rash it sucks! Diaper Wearing Lover Forever!

    24/7 365 days a year Diaper Wearing Lover!
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    Congrats, it's an awesome feeling being able to not hide who you are anymore. Cherish this time in your life.

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    That's very cool - I'm glad that you no longer have to hide


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    Congrats! I remember my first place of my own. You are so right about the amount of freedom you have. I remember atone point I had 3 cases of diapers in my closet, and made no attempt to hide them. It was just awesome! You've gotmuch more to look forward to!

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    Congrats on getting your own place. Now you can enjoy the freedom's you have and come and go as you wish.

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    congrats on your own place im looking forward to buying a year supply of abenas as soon as i move out which is in about a month, ive been having to hide them in the most crazy areas in my room so mo one can find them it sucks i know where you are coming from

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    I've had my own place for nearly three years. Its awesome not having to always hide them, but if I'm having company over i still put it all away. It is nice bring able to wear whenever i want

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