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Thread: Does anyone else worry about this?

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    Default Does anyone else worry about this?

    Or: "Loose Lips Sink Ships"

    Am I the only one who worries about getting drunk and perhaps saying something that you'll regret?

    I don't want to come across as an alcoholic or anything like that, but I think most people who drink have had, at one time or another, a few too many shandies and blurted out something that was better left unsaid.

    So I sometimes worry that when I'm drinking with buddies, that perhaps I'll mention something about being an ABDL or nappies or something, without really thinking it through. I am very open with my close friends - we're all very candid, including about our sex lives and stuff. The only thing I don't share with my friends is my ABDL side - and sometimes it seems like quite a big secret to hold back.

    I've done lots of stupid things when I've had a few too many - very stupid sometimes, mostly when I was a student - but as yet, I've never mentioned anything about this part of my life (at least, that I'm aware of). But it does cross my mind that I might trip up one day, and say something I shouldn't.

    Does anyone else feel that way, and how do you deal with it?


    PS - I don't drink excessively or particularly frequently, so I don't need an intervention just yet

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    As one of ADISC's self-titled premiere boozers, I can speak from experience.

    It's really anyone's guess, but probably not. I've been blitzed to such a certain extent I start casting magic missile on people and make outrageous claims like I invented the question mark. Yet the inner details of my personal life I would prefer not anyone to know stays in the confines of my drunken mind. Oddly still I believe I can jump over a burning fire and not get burned. Ah the glamorous life of drinking.

    Quote Originally Posted by NikJ
    I've done lots of stupid things when I've had a few too many - very stupid sometimes, mostly when I was a student - but as yet, I've never mentioned anything about this part of my life (at least, that I'm aware of). But it does cross my mind that I might trip up one day, and say something I shouldn't.
    Neither have I like I said. If you haven't yet I wouldn't worry. So don't worry about it.

    Does anyone else feel that way, and how do you deal with it?
    I know my limit. I know the point when I will make an ass of myself. I know how my mind and body reacts to alcohol. Seems like you do too. In a way, you already know how to deal with it.

    The boyfriend insists he turns into an emotional mess when he drinks bourbon, so he doesn't drink bourbon. My buddy gets into fights when he drinks Jack, so he doesn't drink jack. I don't drink socially when I'm depressed, because then there's a crying boy somewhere in the corner.

    If you want to give yourself peace of mind anyway, don't get to that point then.

    People seem to have this fear with not just alcohol either, yet most of the time the fear is unfounded. When "out" for a similar thing having my teeth removed, the worse I did was swear at the wall on how much my mouth hurt. Which I have no memory of doing.

    So sit back, relax and sip whatever your drink of choice is. No worries.

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    I don't think I will. The main reason is the way my body reacts to alcohol. I have friends who forget things whenever they binge drink but do not get sick or even get hangovers the next day. Although I do drop a lot of my inhibitions (and I have a lot of them) when I drink, I will be throwing up before I reach the "black out" uncontrollable mental state that I think I would be necessary to spill this part of my life. And I generally stop a few drinks before that because I don't really like vomiting.

    The other reason is that I have not really given much thought to articulating this part of my life, so I think in a lot of ways, the "coming out" language does not exist in my subconscious. It's been a part of me for my entire life but isn't so much a verbal experience. I don't know what I'd say - and I don't think my drunk self would be able to find anything to say either.

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    I sometimes worry about making a slip of some sort while inebriated. I try to limit how much I drink so I don't get to that point but I've never let slip a reference to a few of my chosen lifestyles. I have bashed the phrase 'discretion is the better part of valor' as best I can and my brain sort of defaults to that when potentially compromising situations arise. I do remember one awkward scene in which a woman made a reference to wearing attends instead of the more common depends brand and I was the only one to laugh at it. We both sort of looked at each other like we thought they were common brands.

    The only other time I remember even remotely talking about it was to a roommate that found out I wore at night. We actually looked at a few websites together as I sort of acted as a guide into a realm he had never even heard of. We were both drunk and while he mentioned he found the fetish a bit strange he nonetheless found the ladies attractive despite chosen undergarments. He was probably the best roommate I ever had.

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    I've been completely terrified at the prospect, however I don't drink and I avoid drugs so with the exception of getting my wisdom teeth removed I haven't said/done anything I don't agree with.

    After getting my wisdom teeth removed my mouth hurt so much that I just wanted to suck on my paci while I slept it off. I ended up deflecting questions from both parents about it and nothing has come up since then.

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    The drinking part isn't really relevant to me, but I did used to worry that I might potentially say something in my sleep. I never, ever, went to sleep during long car journeys with my parents due to that. You can control the risks associated with mind altering substances by avoiding them or, possibly, knowing your limits. I just hope that my subconscious feels the same way about keeping secrets as the rest of me.

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    really dont worry about it, having that sort of fear is probably more damaging than a heavy night of drinking. Even if you get very wasted you wont reveal anything you dont want to, Ive had lots of drunken times and its never been an issue.
    I wouldnt really recommend drink have moved on now but this fear of revealing yourself is unfounded
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    I have been drinking regularly for the past eight years and I am VERY careful about how much I drink, what I drink and what I do whilst drinking. When I was working til my body decided to crap out on me, I would frequent a bar and hang out- I'd limit how much at the bar and make damn sure I was able to walk home without a problem. When I drink at home, I just sit back, play video games, read online or just listen to music and mellow out.

    The secret is to just watch what you drink and know how the different kinds of alcohol affects you. I prefer to stick with beer because it has a slow effect on me and I prefer that than getting a buzz right off the bat- I have a high tolerance for booze cause of my heritage plus add on the fact I stand over six-feet two inches. So- I stick with beer rather than harder stuff.

    I try to make sure that I don't do anything stupid, just relax and enjoy life. I also watch what I do as I have no desire to get into any trouble or anything like that.


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