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    does anybody here think technology is moving forward way too fast?, i mean in the time i have been in existance i have seen computers evolve from slow pieces of crap to super fast, multitasking, and sleek. I have seen the phones go from a small brick to smartphones that are slim, sleek and powerful. I think all of the tech giants are pushing the envelope way too fast and i think that will be its downfall. I guess what i am trying to say does anyone fear when computers become smarter than a human will they think of us as a threat and try to neutralize us all or will we build in a failsafe does anyone else feel this way

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    I guess I'm all for the advances of technology, just based on the school I'm attending. I'm studying to become an engineering technologist, with electronics being the major component of my studies.

    I know that technology is moving forward at an astounding speed, but I don't think it's ready to slow down any time soon. It used to be that industrial plants were the first to get any new developments in technology, because they had the money to buy these new fancy components. Now that the components are cheaper to manufacture and the work can be outsourced, the technology is being placed in the hands of consumers before anybody else. As long as consumers continue to buy, new technology will be developed. It's like an Arms race.

    So, give it another few years and the technology we have today will be a thing of the past. I remember when I got my first cellphone (2007?) and if you had a touch screen, you were one of the coolest people in highschool. Fast-forward to today, most phones you buy are touchscreen. It's actually harder to find an old flip phone.

    While you may fear that technology is growing too fast, chances are it isn't going to slow down any time soon (At least not in our lifetime). Just look at products like "Google Glass". Lots of innovative products are being pushed into development now, and that's because people are buying it.


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    I personally do not fear tech getting "too" smart.

    As for the speed, I am torn. For me, personally, it could be much faster. I'm a bit of a geek and pick things up very quickly. I love gadgets and such, so yeah...the more & the faster, the better.
    Overall, I think it is about right. I know that some people above 50 simply can't get around the concept of using a computer, or even a "simple" smartphone. Some won't bother. But that is fine, imho. People generally are reluctant to change and hate if something such fundamental changes. So there will always be opposition to great advancements. The only thing that worries me is that sometimes the application and usage of those inventions does not follow in a coherent manner. For example that some companies only offer support to their products by means of email, but not by phone. I guess there are much better examples, but I hope you get what I mean.

    A more pressing issue would be copyright law, an example of what happens when law can't follow quickly enough with developments. What ensues is utter BS like ACTA. But I figure that is a whole new topic altogether.

    And just thinking about WiFi-lights that one can easily and flexibly control with a PC or smartphone...Superawesome. Really, bring it on. More tech please!

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