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Thread: first order of diapers

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    Question first order of diapers

    I never order that many diapers online but i have a decent supply but was wondering since i am incontinent what diapers would you recommend since i am new to purchasing a case of diapers

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    Abena Plastic-backed X-Plus (M4/L4). They have a great fit and incredible absorbency.

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    I am also considering placing my first order and was thinking of getting M4s. I have a few concerns though: my living arrangement (a dorm room) doesn't lend itself well to sitting around in a diaper, so I imagine I would only be wearing under clothes during the day, maybe at night, and M4s are really bulky. I usually wear jeans, don't own track pants or sweats (and probably would draw attention if I started to). Would they be discreet? I also can't see myself wetting throughout the day or too heavily in general - would they be overkill? Would it be wasteful?

    I've been a DL my whole life but I'm new to diapers. I want to avoid buying and having to stash something that I won't ever get the opportunity to wear. I could alternatively just pick up a pack of Depends at a local store, I guess, but I don't know. Any feedback appreciated, of course.

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    They can be discreet, but if you don't wet too much it's probably overkill. Go with M2 or M3 if you are a light wetter.

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    OK, thanks for the feedback. I will probably go with the M2s if anything.

    I was planning to use a pre-paid card to order online but it does not have enough money on it. Now I'm feeling kind of ambivalent about putting it on my own card. I doubt my parents are watching my spending... I'm probably being ridiculous and paranoid... I don't think they even know how to access my banking history. Well I have a few days before I need to / can act.

    What kind of volume will 24 M2s take up? I understand the package would be 16x10x6. Just trying to get an idea for where I could stash these.
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    If you're IC, then I would recommend the tena slip maxi's. They are very thin but hold a decent amount, not as much as the Abri Forms or a Molicare Super Plus, but they are still great. They are decently priced too, which is always a plus...

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