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Thread: Sleeping dressed up

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    Default Sleeping dressed up

    I went to sleep last night dressed as a girl and woke up and loved the feeling of starting my day that way. So now I'm wondering if any of you dress up in your sissy clothes and sleep in them.

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    I frequently sleep in my shoes (at least try to anyway). The closest I got to that feeling that you did was the other night when I incorporated white tights over a Goodnites along with the T-shirt and MJs I normally use.

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    I do often, actually I wore my skirt and blouse last night to bed put I usually wear a pair of PJ's I bought not too long ago.

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    Oh, yes! It's a beautiful feeling, isn't it? I love sleeping in my fuzzy jammies and a soft diaper or pair of panties. Like you said, it's wonderful to drift off to sleep feeling soft and pretty, and wake up the same way.

    The next thing I want to try is putting a cute spread on my bed. It'll be harder to pull off (I always change back to boy clothes before I go to shower), but I think it'd be so much fun! Has anyone here ever been lucky enough to try this?

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    I love sleeping in my pink footies, bra, diaper and plastic panties. So nice and restful.

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    Me too I love sleeping in my girl GoodNites, panties, pantyhose, training bra, and jammie. Waking up damp but all girly all over is such a good feeling.

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    Occasionally i will wear my skirtie over my waddle onesie to bed instead of my sleeper. It's a pink-schemed type of skirt diaper cover. Though closest thing I have to this for now, but plan to get a lot more as time goes by after I order a few things first.

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    I sleep with my onesie on every nite...

    Sometimes my bra and spanx as well...


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    The only sleeper I have is a girls sleeper that is lime green with hot pink trim... I love wearing it to bed, but it's starting to get a bit warm for that...

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    I do enjoy sleeping in a thick diaper and my onesie (which is the butterfly baby pants one), I have never tried sleeping in a bra though.

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