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Thread: Cost of your diapers / Pads / pull ups... Products and your Insurance.

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    Default Cost of your diapers / Pads / pull ups... Products and your Insurance.

    Well the thing is this...
    triggered by the post about those stupifyingly expensive printed VBA diapers it got me thinking again about the money-cost of my incontinence & bedwetting...

    I'd really be interested to see how's that with you...

    for myself I'm a bedwetter (5-7 nights a week)... and have a "moderate" daytime IC. (I dribble and sometimes don't make it to the toilet in time, can't hold it long).

    At night I can get by with Attends Slip Regular M10...

    During the day I mostly wear pads (either Tena or molicare) or pull-ups (tena Pants Plus or super) - and when I know I'll have to deal with longer trips, or know bathroom access is going to be difficult I wear an Attends Slip M8.
    The M8 are really comfy, if not put on too tight I can actually pull them down/up almost like pull-ups... they're totally discrete and hold quite a lot.
    Also I wear those at home on the weekends or at evenings for convenience of not having to watch out so much.

    So here's the cost:
    Prices in Euros (1Eur = approx. 1.3 USD)

    My attends M10 are 28 diapers for each bag, and cost about 0.59 per diaper.
    The M8 are about 0.50 each.

    Pull-ups at about 0.80 each
    Pads at about 0.50 each.

    I need the average of 380-400 night time diapers each year (minimum): 400 x.59=236

    And have to change my pull ups about twice a day + a diaper at home / evenings / weekends.. so lets say three diapers a day over the year = 3*365= 1095 pull-ups/pads/diapers (pads are cheaper and really convenient)...
    with a normal pull-up (the pull-ups go for about 0.80 each, the pads for about 0.50 each.... with the mix of mostly pads, followed by pull ups and by diapers... I'd say it's about 2x0.5 + 1x0.8 = 1.8 per day
    that's 1095 * 1.8 = 1971.00 ^

    Total for Night & Day 1971+236 = 2207.- this is in Euros
    In US$ this is approx. 2870$

    Now that's just a base figure of course... sometimes it's a good bit more, sometimes less.

    My insurance ONLY covers approx. 1300$ ...
    The remainder I have to pay out of my own pocket each year. (that is 1500$).
    The amount the insurance covers is defined by the government... so it's nationwide and independent of the type of insurance.

    I think it's a sad thing... that with all the social payments, taxes and stuff people have to cover the added cost of living due to their "disabilities" on their own, at least to a large extend...

    I mean look at this:
    I've been incon for the last 33 years... arguably the first 3-4 don't really matter. and arguably during my 4-10th year the products were "cheaper" as not "adult / teen sized".... so let's forget about the first ten years.
    but so far that's 20 years and probably with an average life expectation ahead of me (~75 years total -33= 42years)... so that will be roughly 60 years...
    now 60years * 1500$ = a whopping 90'000$ I have to pay for diapers.
    (unless of course modern medicine at one point finally comes up with a solution in my case).

    I know it's kind of stupid to ponder about stuff like that... but well...

    so what's your take, your situation, your solution?

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    The NHS supplies me with a maximum of 4 packs of Molicare Maxi pads per month (60 at retail prices but I'm sure the NHS would pay less than that). They also supply me with six catheters a day (retail price 300 per month). Since going up to six catheters a day instead of four, I'm using a lot less than 4 packs of pads in a month.

    On top of that, I also buy Tena Flex Maxis and Tena Slip maxis, but again with the extra catheters, I'm using about one pack a month of those.

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    My costs on disposable diapers run me at $100.00 USD a month. I get auto shipments on my Attends Waistband Style every 5 weeks for 2 packs of 22 ea
    for $44.00 USD. I get a case of 72 Dry24/7's for $113.00 USD every 8 weeks. Around the first of the year I invested about $350.00 in 8 Dependeco AIO's
    and boosters to help cut down on disposable costs. I was able to cancel a order for my Attends Breatheable's Which I was also wearing for daytime use.
    I now wear my AIO's for daytime and my disposables for evening and overnight use. Medicare doesn't pay for any of my diapers since I'm not under a Drs
    care for my urge IC. For me my laundry costs are nil because I don't pay for water. I only have to buy my detergent. Where I live all my utilities are furnished.

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    Default Re: Cost of your diapers / Pads / pull ups... Products and your Insurance.

    EP01 you should invest in some cloth diapers to help cut down the cost a little bit. That's a good chunk of income coming out of your pocket. There are pinless alternatives that are easy to put on.

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    I personally agree with Metalmann . Try to invest in cloth diapers , if you would wear it at day only , at least it can cut off your minimal 2 pullups' value, which will results a big saving .. 2 x 0.5 x 365

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    Default Cost of your diapers / Pads / pull ups... Products and your Insurance.

    because I'm already disable (according to the government) and already on medicaid, my incontinence supplies are covered. 9 packs of the crappy attends diapers. and whether they feel like shipping them or not, 2 packs of boosters. Also because I'm not usually at home, they provide a couple packs of wipes a month.
    I don't run out of diapers, which is good!!! even if I'm changing every couple hours...liquid flows right through me.

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    Dyml / Metalman / Oleman72,

    I could see chances over time to use cloth AT NIGHT - but during the Day?
    Isn't cloth a good bit thicker than let me say one of my Pads or Pull-Ups?
    I've got one AIO type cloth diaper, and it's an "emergency" thing... when it's wet and I sit down on a hard surface It's about as prone to leak as a bag with holes in there. (usually leaks out of the leg openings) and it's already bulkier than any of my pads or pull-ups.
    Also it would mean to carry nor just about one spare diaper around, but also carry a some sort of a water-tight bag around al day long to take care of the used cloth diaper... the disposables, well I can dispose of them in any public toilet (the trash.. not *in* the toilet of course)...
    Also Washing, whilst it wouldn't be that "expensive" it's still electricity, water, detergent... and with daily two of them I also would need about 14-20 of the diapers... as I usually am able to wash about once a week.
    Also that would make me hand-pre-wash the diapers daily... so they don't get smelly....

    Besides all this, I sometimes wear my "own" cloth diapers when I have to travel and taking enough supplies along is difficult or impossible.
    in this case I have invested in a load of microfibre trekking-type towels... some I have just left the way they are... other I've turned into pad-type things or pull-up type things with velcro closures and elasticts.
    Over these I wear a Polyurethane type "plastic" pant with velcro closure.
    But it's far less comfy when it comes to "feeling" dry - especially during night. but these towels at least dry quite quickly, so I can handwash them in the morning and they're usually dry by mid-day / afternoon.

    So cloth, might be an option for night / at home...

    Also the probably best AIO I've ever tried was the Texamed Padycare.... but that's been some days gone by... and it costs around 70€ (90$) each.. so to get enough for a week's time + 2 = that equals about 910$
    and I assume I'd have to get new ones within the year or so with all the washing...?? I mean they can't last forever (the ones I had lasted for about 1.5 years)... so just for the night-time, without the added cost in washing, it would be more expensive than my current quality disposables.

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    Default Re: Cost of your diapers / Pads / pull ups... Products and your Insurance.

    I wouldn't totally trust AIOs without plastic pants. I wouldn't say wear cloth diapers outside the home. I mean for bedtime and while staying home. I'd suggest a velcro closure cloth diaper with necessary extra padding for night time along with plastic pants. I wouldn't wear cloth outside the house due to the fact that changing and storing of used diapers would be weird. I would stay with your normal routine that works for you out of the house and use cloth while at home imo.

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    I suffer from OAB and IBS and have been wearing for years. My insurance won't pay for diapers. I pay for my diapers through a Flexible Spending Account, which means I'm still paying out of pocket, but the costs are tax free. For about 9 years now, I've worn cloth at night and disposables during the day. Total costs for all diapers was between 1,400 and 1,700 a year. For almost a year now, I've worn cloth almost exclusively day and night. The upfront expense is more for cloth and even with purchasing a few cases of higher-end disposables for travel, the total cost for my diapering has come down to around 900 to 1,000 per year (not including the cost of detergent and electricity for laundering).

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    Thanks for the details... much appreciated!

    If I may, what type of cloth diaper do you wear - day? night? ... also how do you handle laundry / daytime taking care of used diapers?
    How about leaks when you sit / etc... as so far I have figured, that cloth diapers don't do the same thing as a SAP-filled disposable...
    How discrete are they (I don't care *that* much for night time (well I don't like to have to waddle like stupid... - but daytime "concealment" is important to me).

    Also how many do you usually need? daytime...

    The more I think about it, even though so far I have not really been much in favor of cloth diapers, it makes sense... more then ever with the cost issue.


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