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    I am new to the DL world, having started to read this Forum for a mild bladder incontinence - slight leakage after peeing and sometimes when doing strenuous work, a spurt. It is a stressful time at work and I think it is all related.

    I tried a liner first and then went on to a pull up. I am two weeks in and am hooked, but can only wear part time (a wife that does not know and would not understand).

    The feeling of a fresh pull up whilst I am working on the computer, and then taking a few glasses of water, relaxing the sphincter and seeing how I can pee without that initial clinch is addictive. The ability to just pee anywhere is coming on , even out shopping, which is a buzz of a different kind. The tension flows away with the pee flowing in to the warm pull up. The feeling of relaxation from a warm diaper is hard to describe.

    Great training advice from the community but it is 99% diaper based - not pull up. In the UK, supermarkets and pharmacies seem to only sell pull ups. I have just tried the Boots Staydri slip as my first diaper, the feeling is much more DL! and the capacity is so much more without leaks. However, I am still trying to gauge a full diaper with mixed success!.

    My questions are why are diapers so difficult to find in the UK other than on the internet and are pull ups really that bad? I would go internet but for the credit card statement showing 'incontinence product' .

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    Quote Originally Posted by tantricfollower View Post
    My questions are why are diapers so difficult to find in the UK other than on the internet and are pull ups really that bad? I would go internet but for the credit card statement showing 'incontinence product' .
    Firstly, hey, welcome

    I think (man I'm starting to sound like their ad-man haha!) have theirs discretely marked. You'd have to email them to find out. Alternatively, does ebay categorise what you buy?

    also, let me put it like this, is it that you're worried about your SO finding out or is it that you don't like the thought of some credit analyst somewhere noseying through your credit card bills? If it's the latter, don't worry about it!

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    If you want to keep it off of your credit card, you could buy a pre-paid card with cash and use that to order online.

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    You can also find a place where you live that accepts packages and allows you to pick it up at your convenience.

    Protective underwear is particularly good for light to mild incontinence. They aren't designed to hold a whole bladder's worth. They are meant for stress incontinence (the same symptoms you've listed fits the bill).

    If you're looking for better absorbency, we have to go online here in the US too. It seems all the pharmacies here have shortened their stock to underwear style as well.

    Since you're in Europe, you should try Tena Slip Maxi or Abena M/L 4 if you want more capacity and a diaper type. You'll probably have a hard time trying to find premium diapers in stores.

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    Thanks for great advice. I have looked at their website and at reviews. Cuddiz seem to be the UK equivalent of Bambinos which seem to be the US standard for absorbance (even overnight). I will be ordering 20 this week and hopefully this will be more economic than flooding 4-5 pull ups a day while I am in training to relax and pee. It is almost a yoga exercise in relaxation.
    A possible overnight diaper this week. I cannot wait.
    Having reread , this sounds a bit pathetic for a project manager. But this is the point - No Control.

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    My Drydayz arrived and are certainly a level up from store bought brands. Wettable without the fear of leaks, which makes wetting so much easier . A discrete and swift service from Cuddlz.
    I doi seem to have caught the bug which affects so many others. The need to try different types of diapers. I am tempted to get some Molicare Soft Supa from Incontinence Choice but am concerned about having their name on the credit card bill! Has anyone in the UK used this company and if so, how discrete are they?

    I am not yet ready to declare anything other than a slight incontinence problem but am getting deeper into an appreciation of diaper security.

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    Hi tantricfollower!
    First off, welcome to the joys and secret pleasures of nappy wearing but be warned - if you've caught the bug already it's only going to get worse! I use Incontinence Choice for my supplies and they're very discreet. Delivery times are also good, so far all my orders have been delivered the next day by a courier called 'Yodel'. Packaging is very discreet - a thick, plain plastic bag or plain brown box for very large orders. There is no mention of incontinence supplies on either the packaging or credit card statement. I can't remember exactly but I think it's 'Choice Shops'. The good thing about them is that you can order individual samples if you want to try a few different brands. Personally I wear Tena Maxi Slip because they're not too bulky, hold a lot and have a plastic cover which I prefer over cloth. I haven't had one leak on me - yet!

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