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Thread: Finally wet and messed the bed!!!

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    Default Finally wet and messed the bed!!!

    I drank tons of water and a melatonin and I held in my mess all day, finally I unconciously messed and wet my diaper to the brim while asleep. Has anyone else ever acheived/tried this? Sorry if this is a bad post, I'm new

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    I have not tried this and I am not particularly interested in trying it. I know too much about the dangers associated with fecal matter and I would never want to mess except in a very controlled situation where I can easily clean up shortly after the mess.

    While wetting a diaper in my sleep is an interesting prospect it's nothing that setting an alarm early in the morning won't let me do. Odds are if I wake up to turn it off I'll have to pee, and if I do so in my diaper there is a fairly decent chance I'll forget about it by the time I wake up for real. Memory of the incident will typically return by 2pm that day. Changing into a nice dry diaper also tends to be the best part about being in a wet diaper for any amount of time.

    This site appears to be generally against those practices because they pose a risk to yourself and as a result discussing them can put others who are not aware of the hazards in danger. Your post is definitely walking on a gray line into undesirable territory.

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    I've haven't wet a diaper in bed but I've thought about trying it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadeYouDerp View Post
    I've haven't wet a diaper in bed but I've thought about trying it.
    If you do decide to try it I recommend having a good diaper and/or plastic pants/bedmat incase you leak while you wet. There is nothing more awkward than having to quickly throw your sheets in the wash and then have someone walk in on you. When it happened to me I said my sheets were itching me and I figured they needed to be washed, by that time they were already soaked in the washer so the story seemed plausible. If I was just a little bit later things would have been really awkward.

    Getting to the point where you can easily wet lying down is also a bit of a challenge in an of itself, just like learning to wet a diaper for the first time can be a challenge.

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    I don't have any diapers that would be able to hold a good wetting so I probably won't ever try this.

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    I have wet the bed due to my night time incontinence but I never messed the bed and I really don't plan/want to anytime soon.

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    Default Re: Finally wet and messed the bed!!!

    Be careful when holding in bowel movements for excessive amounts of time. It can cause constipation and rupturing of colon.

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    I wet my diaper most every night without knowing - unfortunately.

    But messing? GOD FORBID... yuck.

    I'm a bedwetter and Incontinent, and I really hope I never get to deal with bowel ic as well - not sure how I'd be able to handle that.
    I've got a huge respect for anyone who's got to deal with stuff like that in his life and manages well. not sure if I could.

    So messing on purpose is imho just absolutely gross...

    your body, your bed, your germs - so whatever floats your boat mate,...

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    I guess I'm the only other one curious about this happening..

    I'm pretty sure I've achieved wetting my diaper while asleep a few times, but i've never been able to be sure whether or not I've just groggily gotten up during the night, wet it, and gone back to sleep. What's annoying is that when I try hard enough and it seemingly happens, i end up getting this "Oh shoot, I hope i didn't hurt myself in any way" feeling. That always ruins my enjoyment.

    But messing? I've tried a few different methods, but none of them worked. The prune juice technique was the closest I've come, but the feeling woke me up. I got up, nauseous as all hell, walked towards the bathroom and BAM! I thought that maybe if I had taken a melatonin or sleep aid, it would have happened, but that just sounds to dangerous to me. Heaven forbid any BM inducer ends up making you too nauseous and vomit while you are in a medicated sleep.. You could choke..

    My outlook on that whole thing is that its alright to keep trying while using natural methods and maybe something lucky will happen, but don't go too far with screwing with your unconscious. You could end up doing damage to yourself in a few different ways.

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