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Thread: How many different diapers does abena make

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    Default How many different diapers does abena make

    This question is about there taped full briefs. I know they make the classic plastic backed, the premium which is also called the air plus and the delta. Do they make any others in the USA or europe ?

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    Abena makes several products: AbriForm which is the brief you are thinking of. It comes in several absorbencies that they've changed the nomenclature over the years (Extra, X-Plus, etc...) but commonly are referred to now by the size letter (S,M,L) and the absorbancy (2,3,4) for example L4. They were going to abandon the plastic backed line entirely, but due to popular demand retain the plastic variety in certain of the configurations in the US.

    They also make a lower cost brief called delta-form, which I've not experienced.

    They make an AbriFlex pullon and an AbriSan pad, AbriMan mens pad, and AbriWing (sort of like a mongo belted product), in various aborbencies.

    They also make a variety of bodysuits .

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    The answer to your question is Incontinence pads

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