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Thread: Hello from Japan

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    Default Hello from Japan

    Hello everyone.
    It seems I can't read any posts until I post something here first.

    Ok, then, I'm a Japanese DL in Tokyo.
    Please be tolerant of my poor English.

    I love baby diaper disposal.
    I use both adult diaper disposal and cloth cause I'm grown too big now.

    I'd like to exchange knowledge about diaper in the world

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	pullup_moony_girl_superbig.jpg 
Views:	1219 
Size:	25.0 KB 
ID:	16344Click image for larger version. 

Name:	pullup_moony_boy_superbig.jpg 
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ID:	16345
    This is one of the 2 biggest baby diaper bland "Moony pants" Super Big size(=XXXL).
    Unfortunately, this product is not stretchy as Goodnites, Underjams, or even Pampers Cruisers size7.
    Moony has much more absorbent, secure elastic leak guards, and good fit than those others.
    I'd strongly recommend if you are in range or very close (18-35kgW47-68cm).
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    Hello , and welcome to ADISC , Staple hope you get some new friends and have a good time !
    Dont worry , your english is understandable .i 've seen many person whose english is quite hard to understand (including myself) an you :p

    That diapers that you posted earlier .. I have do some search on about it, and I really , really want it , except yeah .. The shipping cost is too much for me , and you also know that japanese shop rarely ships outside of japan ...

    Well , nice to meet ya

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    Hi, what a cool post, and really nice to see some Japanese diapers


    btw your blog... is that just money making for you selling diaper adverts? or is there actually any content/

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    Thank you Dyml,
    Your reply encouraged me.

    Yea, shipping cost always kill us...
    Maybe you can find same product as Mamypoco XXXL in Indonesia, or maybe not.
    I heard Mamypoco XXXL is sold in some Asian country.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Photographs aren't enough as a content?

    Actually I've never earned money from links there lol
    No one order from oversea with high shipping cost.
    I know that. I don't care.
    I just place Amazon links to save time for searching.

    Okay, they are not if you think so. I don't care.

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    thanks for the compliment

    anyway , XXXL is sold by a few asian country .. such as thailand and India , but the other country beside that two , i dont know ..

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    Hello Staple!

    Quote Originally Posted by staple0987 View Post
    Hello everyone.
    I'd like to exchange knowledge about diaper in the world
    I would like to ask some questions about the Japanese Diaper Lovers: is there a Japanese AB/DL-community? An online community like ADISC? Real life meetings? Do you use the terms AB and DL in Japanese (like it is used in German, French, Swedish and other languages)? Is wearing diapers as an adult a taboo topic as it is in the "Western world"?

    Interested greetings
    and welcome to Adisc!
    Jona Windeltiger

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    I will be interested to hear your answer on WindelTiger's questions.

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    Oh, XXXL isn't sold in Indonesia? Only Mamypoco smaller than XXXL available? That's too bad.

    They sell XXXL Thailand because Unicharm made XXXL in Thailand.
    India, I don't know...

    - - - Updated - - -

    *Is there a Japanese AB/DL-community? An online community like ADISC?
    Yes, there are some small communities.
    Some are closed SNS which require invitation from member.
    The most active opened community is in "2ch" bulletin board.

    All written in Japanese, of course.

    *Real life meetings?
    I met some Japanese AB/DL who got to known on Twitter.
    We had diaper party. Get together at member's house, wear diaper(no No.2), drink alcohol or beverage, like that.
    It was pretty great.

    *Do you use the terms AB and DL in Japanese (like it is used in German, French, Swedish and other languages)?
    I think some people use AB, DL.
    Typical expressions would be あかちゃんプレイ(Baby play), 幼児プレイ(Infant/little child Play), おむつフェチ(Diaper Fetish) .

    *Is wearing diapers as an adult a taboo topic as it is in the "Western world"?
    Definitely. All people except us think this is one of the weirdest habit as it is in the "Western World".

    - - - Updated - - -

    skypeやonline communityでこのように話をすることで練習しています。

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    Default Re: Hello from Japan

    Hi, nice to meet someone from the otherside of the world. I'd love to know about diapers from your area. Does Japan have adult baby style diapers like we do? I am curious to know the differences and similarities of our baby play styles. I also would like to know if you have baby clothing in adult sizing. I'd just like to see a website with pictures.

    Thanks in advance!

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