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    So, I feel very handy. I went to Joannes Fabric and bought a box of snaps and made my own onsies out of my favorite old t-shirts. Very easy and cheap. Once you have them on you can almost tell there home made. Next step is to buy extra long t-shirts to make a little more comforatble.

    Also, I bought 2 pairs of footed pajamas from jumpinjammers that ripped at the crouch. I sewed that up which keept me from spending $$$ when on a tight budget. I just saved myself $200 easy.

    When I first started wearing diapers, I wasn't into the adult baby thing. Now, I'm falling asleep to suckimg my thumb, wearing onsies and sleepers, constantly wanting my favorite blanket and eating without silver wear.

    Anyone go through the same phase?

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    Yes yes yes

    I admit, I'm not as handy as you and I bought a onesie. I like the baby prints, and I'm happy with the one a chose. Additionally, I have a very soft teddy that I like to sleep with when my roommate is gone. It used to be just about the diapers, but now it's blossomed into so much more, and I love it

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    That sounds really cool! Think you could make a tutorial?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScarecrowJoe View Post
    That sounds really cool! Think you could make a tutorial?
    I'd imagine I could. Maybe put a pdf together. Probably won't be able to start until mid April.

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    I have no sewing machine, patterns, nor any material required for making my own cloth items. However, there is another way to save money. I have cloth training pants and an AIO cloth diaper. Although I didn't make them myself, the ability of wash and reuse is just as viable as home made.

    Granted home made is more of a savings than purchased items, but in the long run, both save money. It would be nice if I had a sewing machine. I might take a crack at making my own home made cloth items. But, purchasing still works good for me.

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