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    What one item, other than a diaper, makes you feel the most like a child? I have some spare cash and I want to pick something up and I was looking for some ideas on what to get. I have some ideas and I'm leaning toward the nook 5 but I'm really wanting something uber girly with a appropriate size, however I"m open to nearly anything.

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    The Abena bodystockings (plain white onesies) feel very snug and hold a diaper in place very comfortably.

    Footed pyjamas are nice and warm and... it's somehow nice to feel completely enveloped in a single garment.

    Teddies are fundamental for proper huggles and cuddles that would overload and melt a normal human being.

    But... I just love waking up every morning and seeing my "Beautiful Balloons" duvet cover. It's so cute (and very well-made -- great quality cotton that feels amazing):

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    Any number of paci's from pacifiersrus or a pink footie from pajama city.

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    Of course, it must be my teddy I think I'd drag him everywhere with me if I could.....but hey, unfortunately I do have to exist in the real world most of the time. Sad, judgmental place! (there is lot I do love about the real world) My little side connects almost immediately with my Teddy

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    My onesie, especially since i got it altered so it fits perfectly

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    hm... what one item... kinda hard to say, since it's more a mental thing, if i'm rather childish at the moment or not.

    ehm well, i don't know, grr, Those ribbons one some sweaters, when you start playing around with them, or biting on them ;)

    Nah just kidding, but i still think it's a rather childish thing and it's about the small things, i think.
    Otherwise clothes, putting on a bodie or onesie makes me feel rather small.

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    For me, it'd be a cute dress. Head by your local thrift store - you'll find way cuter clothes there than any big chain, and they'll be dirt cheap. If it's uber girly you want, I don't think you can do much better than a sweet little dress!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    But... I just love waking up every morning and seeing my "Beautiful Balloons" duvet cover. It's so cute (and very well-made -- great quality cotton that feels amazing)
    Where's that from, Tiny? Looks mega cute ^_^

    Not sure if my wife would go for it, though!

    In terms of my one possession that makes me feel most childish? Gotta be my nearly life-size cuddly tiger. Makes me feel very small when I'm snuggling him

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    one item!! it has to be my teddy with a pocket in his ear to hide things in.

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