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Thread: Any experiences about Forma-care Slip X-Plus or Kolibri Comslip Plus?

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    Default Any experiences about Forma-care Slip X-Plus or Kolibri Comslip Plus?


    Now that the Plastic Abena is discontinued, they suggested me these two ones. Has anyone heard anything about them ? I tried to google, but didn't get too much information.

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    I have had Kolibri comslip Supra , 4litres absorbance for a medium , and they used to be plastic backed and very bright green. Now they are "cloth backed" and have stretchy tapes that snap in the middle of the night.

    A quick surf | Sanitaetsfachhandel Save Express Oliver Weidlich Sanitaetshaus shows that the comslip plus is still plastic backed , but it doesnt hold a lot at 1.1 litres

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    Hi there,
    watch the Save Express Homepage carefully for "Kolibri comslip plus, article number 2069102" the last one on the site.
    This is the one you are looking for. I can't judge wheater there are really 4000ml capacity, but this diaper is a very very Good alternative to the abena m/l 4.
    I tried it three times and I was impressed what amount that diaper can Hold. Even if you are urinating great loads. It holds at least the same amount of liquid than the abena.

    The forma care is also discussed as abena follower, but I don't like them very much because of the lower Tapes and the foil feels Kind of too soft for my Taste.

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    Default Re: Any experiences about Forma-care Slip X-Plus or Kolibri Comslip Plus?

    I wonder why is it that Abena continued plastic backed diapers in North America, but cut it from European and Austrailian markets? Did we Americans complain enough to get our own production of plastic backed?

    Maybe the otherside of the pond should start complaining as well? We've done so successfully so far.

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    I thought the American Plastic Backed was only whilst stock lasts?

    Forma Care are light blue, soft plastic, quite thick and bulky. Very comfortable to wear. Absorb a lot. I think I found the stretchy waistband a bit uncomfortable but its been a while.

    Remember you can order just 2 diapers from, so get a couple of all the brands that take your fancy and see what you think before committing.

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    Plastic backed M4s have not been discontinued, here in Europe they appear to be still available from the factory in Denmark.

    I'm not sure about the logistics for purchasing them from other countries though.

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