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Thread: Diaperd ski trip!

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    Default Diaperd ski trip!

    So exciting... I'm spending the next two days here in Vermont diapered and skiing the whole time!
    I will tell you about the awesomeness later!

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    Good luck on that, I'm sure it will be easy to hide the diapers seeing how baggy and noisy that ski clothing tends to be (or at least from what I've seen), not to mention you won't have to stop to go to the bathroom (which is always a bonus on things like a ski trip).

    Have fun

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    I have always wanted to do this, it would be next to impossible to tell underneath all the layers of clothes and taking all of them off to use the bathroom is pretty ridiculous to begin with. Have an awesome time.

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    Update. So far skiing in a diaper ( a goodnight and a tranquility overnight) has been nothing short of epic! You can really tell, there is a little bulge il post a pic tomorrow, but my jacket cover it. So now it's down to the bar to get some Beer and test these thing out!

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    How on earth will you change in salopettes??

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    i have skied often in diapers and it is truly awsome and so easy to get away with

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