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Thread: You Last Diaper: Do You Wear It?

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    Default You Last Diaper: Do You Wear It?

    Hi All,

    So I was looking over my stash, and realized something odd. I have five diapers that are the only ones of their kind, and I don't wear them.
    For example, I have an Abena M4 from a pack I bought three months ago. I don't have clearance to buy more, so I hesitate to use the last one " of its kind".
    I also have One and Only's such as SDK, Cushies (cloth and plastic from abu's ultimate sampler...I have all the single samples from that variety pack I bought a year ago) an older Dry 24/7, two types of Attends, a Euro Brief...and that's it I guess. Currently I pad with a Molicare and a top liner booster or a Secure Care in medium.

    Wow. I guess I have more than a few i'll not use til I replenish more " of their kind".

    So, the question is: do any y'all save that last diaper til you have more of them so as not to run out, or am I a little too OCD?

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    I find a day where nobody will bother me and I find something crazy to do with that last diaper.

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    I'm right there with you. I have one old style Attends from back when they were really the only good diaper available in stores. I have better now, but I still won't use it. I tend to hang onto the last of any given kind if I like them at all. I think I have only one remaining Secure Plus from when they changed over to their curious green hearts design on the taping panel. I don't feel quite as strongly about those as Attends, so I may use the last of those at some point.

    It seems to me like that's almost the only sure way to get me to stop wearing diapers. Whenever I was down to the last, I'd stop, or go with cloth. My stash is fairly large compared to my usage these days, so that would take a while, even if I had some wacky desire to stop.

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    I use two different disposables which I get on auto shipments so I never run out. So I never keep a last one.

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    Default Re: You Last Diaper: Do You Wear It?

    I do the same when I'm almost out. Since I know I won't be buying any more quality diapers soon, I am hesitant to use up what I have left.

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    Well it's not going to use itself so yea I'd probably wear it. Worst comes to worst I'll pick up a store brand in between orders if I'm in the mood to wear a lot. They are soo much worse but a diaper is still a diaper.

    Right now I'm getting low on my normal diapers so I've been trying to burn through store brand ones that I had from before. But that's more a matter of wanting to free up space.

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    I'm the same way. Gotta save it for that special occasion. Then it's so great to use for that final time. I had an ABU Cushie as a gft from pacifier's r us for about 3 months before I wore it. Finally wore it one intoxicated night to myself and loved every second of what I could remember lol.

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    I have a large last one or one of collection that includes many no longer available diapers going back almost twenty years. Every time I a new brand or style I save the last one in the pack wrapper. My own little diaper museum. I have considered using them up or listing it on ebay as I've been in a house cleaning mood.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Some of my collection.

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    I having that problem now, I just have 1 Tena Slip Maxi and 2 Bellissimos. I really would like to use one, but it's really hard to do.

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    Since buying my AIO I have only worn a disposable diaper once. I currently have a L4 in my diaper drawer that is the last of the case I bought. I have a stash of SDK that I only used two of. I do not wet my AIO every time so it will last a week and I am going to buy another one soon. I might put the SDK's up for sale on Ebay.

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