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Thread: Bottle or sippy cup

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    Default Bottle or sippy cup

    Which do you like better a bottle or sippy cup, and what was that bottle or cup?

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    I think they both serve their purpose for different occasions. For example if I were being fed I would want to drink from a sippy cup. If I were watching a movie or falling asleep I would want a baba.

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    Both do serve the same basic purpose...the bottle for me at least leaks more than the good sippy cups...the good couple I have are great...


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    My little side prefers to have bottles, but sippy cups are eaiser to drink from.

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    For me it's equal. Sippy cup of water when I take my meds. Bootle of juice before I go to sleep.

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    I like both
    so it depends on the mood I'm in or if I'm feeling more like a baby or toddler.

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    I prefer sippy cups as they come in more styles than bottles :3

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