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    Unhappy My Day

    I had a bad day at work today. I was moving some bins with parts for a farming planter in them which it was heavy, I was cleared to drop it down on to the floor by one of my co-workers and I got her foot with the bin by accident. I was upset and had to take a break from working to calm down and came back when they reassured me it was not my fault, it was just an accident, I am still upset due to the fact that i am a caring person and the guilt is eating me away on the inside from the accident. I don't know if i can confront her after what i did but the guilt is just too much i am digging myself an emotional rut here, any suggestions on how to approach this problem and help me relax after what happened today

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    Used to work around forklifts and whatnot during my time at a warehouse and I can tell you, as both an operator and a ground guide, it's the responsibility of the ground guide to direct the operator safely while lifting and dropping loads. The ground guide should know that the operator does not always have complete vision of what is happening to their load as they're moving it around. It isn't your fault that this happened, it's the ground guide and the woman that should have had more situational awareness when HE was operating in the general area.

    The best thing for all parties involved is to learn from the mistake and carry on, I'm sure steel-toed boots wouldn't be a bad suggestion either. My suggestion for apologies? Beer or food makes everything better and I think you'll feel better if you tell her you're sorry and offer some sort of bribe.

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    You won't feel good building up the stress inside. Be as honest as possible and let her know how you feel. Once you see her reaction it will make you feel better. Unless she's got a stick up her butt and she flips out, then I would say talk to some people around their about what they think or come back and talk to us. We're here for you!

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