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Thread: greetings from the bay state (Massachusetts, that is)

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    Default greetings from the bay state (Massachusetts, that is)

    Hi there.

    I just discovered last week how good it feels to wet so that makes me a DL. Y'all[1] are the first people I've told about this.

    I do computer system administration for a living. For fun, I like to ride my mountain bike. I'm lucky in that I live somewhere where I can get to a lot of places (work, friends, errands, etc.) on a bicycle and I can mostly live my life without having to drive my car. I'm not from Mass. and I hate driving around here, everyone is so rude! Plus I'm helping to save the planet, go me! I also like music, mostly 80s synthpop and 2000s electroclash.

    Hopefully I can meet some like-minded folks for support, and gain some practical info on what types of diapers work best, and how to carry on being a DL discreetly.

    [1]I'm from the southern part of Mass.

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    Hi and welcome to our forum. You sound like another latent discoverer of their diaper loving. We have some of those.

    Great intro.

    I am a software guy myself, embedded programming. I don't do much physical activity, and it's a little hilly around here, so the only way to shrink my carbon footprint is to keep the smaller, efficient cars that I have (lol).

    The best ones usually are the expensive online ones (Bambinos, ABU Cuchies) but I've been told about Wellness brands.

    Enjoy your stay.

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