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Thread: Names Valky

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    Talking Names Valky

    I'm a sophomore. I haven't wore a diaper in like 2 years. I used to need them for bedwetting started reusing them when I was about 9-10 forced back into them by my Step Mom and then eventually began to love them and then new step mom took me out of em and no longer need them but I've had this urge to see if I still like them but I don't have any money and can't get any, and I share a bedroom so even if I could get ahold of em I can't :[.

    Other than that I'm a musician, I'm in a band. I love music.
    I'm a wannabe author been working on a story, actually two stories one's on a hiatus for now.

    And no one I know in real life knows about it, I have two friends I could trust enough to tell but I just rather not, I've already told em about how I used to want to be a girl, but I got over that, and yerg.

    So yeah fun fun.

    That's me
    You can call me Valky.

    And anyone hear catch the AVA reference?

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    Welcome to the party, Valky! I know you will find lots of stuff here (on topic and off) that will keep you comin' back. Everyone is nice, and doesn't bite (much), so feel free to jump in.


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    Haha thanks.
    Funny name I like it

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    Welcome to the sight, I'd suggest that you peruse our vast yet semi-colloquial tomes of knowledge, which reside in the wiki, if you perchance become a long term contributing member, it may be a wise idea to post more in depth as to your interests, and perhaps those of which you have not mentioned, in order to help this thread proliferate more responses. I do hope my verbose language, within the confines of this post, don't become your opiate.

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    Toady: stop confusing teh n00bz

    He says: Welcome. Check the wiki. Tell us more about yourself. Ten divertido, haz divertido.

    Oh yeah, I'm a pianist. Working on learning a few Metallica songs right now, most notably Welcome Home (Sanitarium). That thing is a beast. I'm a nerd otherwise though... that's how I ended up being the wiki dude.

    What instruments do you specialize in? And a great way to earn points around here is to publish your stories, so feel free to do so. Have a great time here!


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    Sorry to hear about your diaper situation, but we were all there in that situation in some shape or form once before. Although the fact that you used to want to be a girl is interesting, are you sure your not a sissy and that your just repressing your feelings about it?

    Anyways, welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

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    No, actually I've lost interest in it. I think I was merely curious when I was younger, because after about year of feeling an attraction a great want to be a girl, I just liked being a dude. Idk why.

    I don't specialize in any instruments, I can't play. I'm just a singer. It sucks, but if I were to learn anything I'd probably learn the piano.

    And haha I really don't have an indepth look at my interests.

    I am absolutely obsessed with music from things as hard as "As I lay dying" to things as soft as "Mariah Carey". I love reading books a past time that has kept me sane. I am a computerholic. and that's basically it.

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    I'm getting this feeling that you know Cubby. If you don't, go know her. Nao.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NARU View Post
    I'm getting this feeling that you know Cubby. If you don't, go know her. Nao.
    o.O what you talking bout Willis?

    anyways welcome to ADISC i hope you enjoy yourself here. Theres pretty cool people around here. Hope to see you posting around.

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