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    Hi people,
    I guess it's time to introduce myself. I'm a 36 year old male who likes to wear girls underwear and swim wear when i can. I'm a closet wearer though, and haven't had the courage to come out. I'm also into messing.

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    Hi there Susat! That's an interesting name, can't help but instantly wonder what it means!

    Girls clothes are most certainly wonderful, and although my feelings about being a girl in a boy's body are totally non-sexual.. I totally understand respect people who find them exciting in that way. I love wearing pretty little private clothes and cute swimsuits too though, though my favorite part of a beach day get up is the innertube! I just love them, I have this passionate thing about innertubes.. they are totally probably the best thing ever invented in my opinion.

    Other then your interests that you have explained, do you have some normal interests you feel like sharing? Like your favorite books and TV shows for instance? The sort of stuff you do in your spare time, your musical tastes or something? It just helps to get to know you a little more, you might totally find people who not only agree with your interests in those things and can support you with that stuff.. but you can talk about all the other fun things in life too! It's always super fun! Don't feel pressured to say anything you don't feel comfortable saying though, I totally understand if you are feeling shy or really private.

    Your main focus should be having fun and being a fantastic member of this wonderful site that has plenty to offer. Intelligent discussion, warm support, and lots of giggles! ^_^

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