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Thread: New here.

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    Default New here.

    Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to say hi. I am new to the abdl scene. I see myself as more of a caregiver than anything else. I have not the slightest idea where to begin with investigating all this. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I am down to earth and respectful. I enjoy spending time with people and getting to know more about people for whom they are.
    *A really big thanks to Baby Mitchy for all his help and answering my questions!
    Thanks everyone! would love to hear from you!

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    Hey there

    I'm sure you'll find everything your looking for here I cannot praise this community enough for their honesty, kindness and helpfulness, so what other interests do you have apart from caregiving?!

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    Hi there,
    Thanks for your reply. I like to go out and skeet shoot, study history, and volunteer at the local historical society.

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    Hey there Trygve77! I think the capacity and the desire to be a caretaker is just.. so wonderful. As an AB, I just can't tell you how thankful we are people like you exist. You give us hope that people will love the parts of us that we find so much sadness that we have to hide. So just for starters, thank you for being an exceptionally awesome person!

    I guess I have some questions too! What is skeet shooting? It has a really interesting name so I'm already kinda interested! What got you interested in history since you spend a lot a time on it? I had trouble liking history when I was doing things.. it felt like boring versions of interesting stories. Like I didn't really see the relevance in learning about it, I understand not wanting to repeat the past and all those things.. but I felt like those same morals could be learned other ways? I dunno.. I would love to hear your take on it though because I generally always recognize I only see things in my ways and the ways other people see things are so exciting to me. Also, how did you find ADISC and what made you ultimately decide to join?

    If you don't feel like sharing any of that, I totally understand.. but I hope you do and most of all I hope you have a wonderful time here! Have lots of fun and meet some great people, great people deserve to be surrounded with other great people after all!

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    Hi there giggle,
    Thanks for your reply! Skeet shooting is launching a clay disc in to the air and shooting it while its flying. Takes a lot of coordination! Lol Also, I started to study history in elementary school. I guess I viewed it as learning about another story in a different time. I liked getting to know about different people's personalities and all. I had a friend tell me about this sight, so I joined! Lol thanks so much take care!
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    Your profile picture is confusing me, you say you are 36, so I don't think you are the small boy, or the old man touching him on the park bench?

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    well put it back up! I must have just read it wrong, It was just a bit "wtf" when I clicked on it, but I've had about 3hrs sleep today so ..

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    Lol that's ok. I can see where at first glances that might be the reaction.

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    Default Thanks so much for your hello!

    @ Gigglez.That's so nice of you to say hi to all the newbies on here.

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