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Thread: Question to real bedwetters

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    Default Question to real bedwetters

    I was thinking and wanted to know the views and experiences of the bedwetters. What do you do when it comes to long journeys and sleeping, or similar things, do you just risk it, or do you take precautions

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    I bedwet by accident maybe 6 times a year ... I take my chances but sleep very badly when I do.

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    I'd say I wet the bed about half a dozen times a year, but I've never really considered myself a bedwetter, so I almost never wear for protection at night. If I'm on a trip with friends, I can usually blame it on having a bit too much to booze the night before (that's happened twice) or something else. I'm just glad I haven't had an accident in my dorm. But, again, I don't really consider myself a bedwetter.

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    Like others, I rarely wet in my sleep when I donít plan to. However, after a couple regrettable incidents away from home, I now pack plastic pants and wear over a local bath towel or two at night.

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    Well, I'm incontinent, so I generally keep a supply of diapers on hand. The only time it really becomes an issue is when I fall asleep for a long period of time in an Attends. I usually wear them during the day, and I have been known to nap in them and end up with a leak on occasion.

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    i am a bed wetter have been for years i always wear either a bambino or dry 24/7 to bed at night when i spend the night over my friends i always bring my diaper true story when time i was spending the night over my friends house a few years ago and his sister came in his room where i was and she took my blue bag and opened it i forget i had my diapers it there it was a abena x plus she took the diaper and said wow this is a big diaper you must a big baby i was so embarrassed

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