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Thread: Plastic pants too tight?

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    Default Plastic pants too tight?

    I recently bought and tried my first plastic pants. I wore them over a disposable just for fun and for the added tactile pleasure. When I woke up in the morning I had painfull chaffing at all three elastic openings. I bought mediums wich is normal for me.

    Has anyone encountered this problem? Is there an easy fix? (besides the smart-ass offer of not wearing them again)

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    if they're too tight:
    get a heat-gun (adjustable) and CAREFULLY warm the plastic... you should be able to stretch it out slightly.
    if you over do it, it's going to tear.
    Also mind you, it doesn't actually help with prolonging the life-span of the pants, as the stretched plastic is thinner...

    I'm not a huge fan of plastic pants... and only use them when I have no option but to wear cloth.
    However I've switched over to PU-type laminated pants for those moments... they come with a velcro type closure and are easy to adjust.
    so no chafing..

    I don't like those PVC things.

    And then there's the other thing: different manufacturers have different ideas of what "Medium, Large,..." should be like. Different cut-patterns as well.
    so you might need to try a few.

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    To me the leg opening is the most important. I like mine where my thighs fall into the middle of the opening range. Here's a link to a good selection.
    Fetware Products Superior Incontinence Protection | Buy from Fetware Products, Llc. They have good size charts.

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    As one who is in plastic pants all the time I can tell you there is nothing worse than a pair that doesn’t fit correctly.
    The only thing I can recommend is getting new ones.
    I use Leakmaster Leakmaster Deluxe Heavy Weight Vinyl Pants - AdultClothDiaper.Com. They are a little more expensive but they last longer than any I have tried. These are a heavier plastic than any others I have used and last longer.

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    another example: I wear a large in the Comco brand, xl or 2xl in the Gary brand, and 2xl in the Baby Pants brand. There does not appear to be a standard in sizing in the adult plastic pants.

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    you need to move up to a large, i had the same issue until i moved up a size and now its gone and they feel much more comfortable

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    You probably need a larger size, possibly a much larger size if your thighs are thick in proportion to your waist. I normally wear size M or size L clothing, but I need a size 2XL for the PEVA plastic pants from Baby Pants.

    It may also help to look for plastic pants that have wider elastics. They won't cut into your skin as deeply. But getting the size right is more important.

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    Not an easy fix. Unfortunately, every plastic pant (or piece of clothing for that matter) is manufactured a little bit differently and it amounts to trial and error. Waterproof pants are not made to keep pooled liquid from sloshing down your leg. They are made to prevent your cloth diaper from weeping moisture to your clothes, furniture, etc. In other words, you don't need them skin tight. Obviously, you don't want them so loose they are slipping on your legs or waist either.

    You need to carefully take your waist and thigh measurements and look closely at size charts. You usually want your measurements to fall in the middle of the range. Many companies will offer you the ability to modify their pant to meet your needs whether that's changing the leg or the waist openings (for an extra fee, of course). Ask them. Also, as already mentioned, pants with wider elastics tend to be more comfortable than thinner elastics.

    Some recommendations are Gary pants (sold by, Adult Cloth Diaper, Changing Times and Fetware, to name just a few) and Babykins pants. Both are excellent products.

    Unfortunately, I've had to throw out a few pants that didn't fit correctly. Remember to buy only ONE the first time!

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    Thanks everyone. I'm relieved to know that it is a common problem and knowing that they vary between manufacturers. I think I may just try only wearing them for shorter periods of time rather than going to bed wearing them through the night. If I ever order another pair I will try a larger size. It is still an exporative endeavor for me.

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    you can re-cut the holes to a better size. of course, while doing that, it may be worth thinking about fabric elastication (you can cut such straight off a cheapo Asda/Walmart pair of y-fronts to sew onto your plackies).

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