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Thread: Question from a heavy wetter

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    Default Question from a heavy wetter

    Alright, this has been driving me nuts. Hoping someone can help.

    I've been into diapers for years now, but one problem still vexes me. After numerous attempts to solve it, I figured it was time to ask for some help. I'm sure that there is a simple solution, it just eludes me.

    I enjoy the feeling of a wet diaper. My girlfriend/future fiance (as soon as I can afford the danged ring), is alright with this. She is even open to the idea of letting me wet, all night (YESSS!!!!), and change me in the morning. Herein lies my dilemma.

    The only way I havefound to get whatI like, is to cut holes in 3 or 4 Depends, and put a Bellissimo on top of it all. I've tried boosters, I've tried the "most absorbant" diapers. No matter what I do, If I don't wear 4 or 5 diapers, and I have the funtime that I like, I need to wash the sheets in the morning. This might be a lot to ask from a wonderfully amazing woman who not only didn't dump me when I told her about the diapers, but hadn't even heard of the idea until I said something.

    Please help. Is there a diaper out there, that can do what I need, with just 1 diaper? I don't care if it's a foot thick!! I need something that can standup tp some really heavy wetting, a few times, allow me to sleep on my side or back, and wake up with just me wet. Not my sheets, and certainly not her!

    So, anyway, thanks.

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    Congrats and you and your fiance by the way!!! And to answer your question i would go with dry 24/7 thats the diaper i use at night i am a bedwetter been for years and they never let me down i think they even hold more the abena x plus

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    Try the Dry 24/7 out. If those don't do the trick, you're pretty much SOL

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    Wow, I didn't think anyone wouldreply,let alone that fast! Thx for the congrats btw.

    Dry 24/7? I'll haveto look that up. Will it help?

    Just to be clear, I [I]really[I]like the feel of my wet diapers. When say I wet a lot, I mean all night, constantly. If I get the chance, I stay in them for a few hours in the morning (though that may change with the marriage).

    Still the ones?

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    Have you thought about plastic pants over the top of a disposable? That may help contain leaks, to an extent.

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    Thought about it, but haven't tried. It might help when out and about, but I don't think it would go as well at home, in bed, with plastic backed diapers. I think all I'd end up with was a puddle of pee moving around in the pants until it eventually leaked out around the legs.

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    All disponsable tend to leak if you are a side sleeper & heavy wetter.
    I'd suggest you try cloth diapers and customize them with rectangular cloth and/or disponsable boosters - so to have the best protection on front and sides.
    Be also warned that plastic pants are not all manufactured equal... be sure to pick something high on the waist and with good elastic leg gathers - the so-called Japanese type is probably the one that performs better if you manage to select the right size for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxiPad89 View Post
    Try the Dry 24/7 out. If those don't do the trick, you're pretty much SOL
    I agree, but I'd also add 1 Abena Abri-let Maxi booster, and 1 Abena Abri-let normal booster. That will soak up a ton.

    Good Luck.


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    You wet constantly ALL night long? how does that actually work?
    There's only so much urine your body can produce over several hours.
    Unless you drink a gallon before bedtime, there's only so much that can be produced.

    The other things this: I'm a life long (almost) bedwetter... so I don't wake when I wet... Also I am moderatly day-time incontinent... yet with a bit of a routine any good diaper will last me through the night easily.

    if you're not IC and not a bedwetter, you can actually CONTROL what you do... and unless you don't sleep, you'll not be wetting all night long constantly.

    This aside - I think it's about time that you, if you're bothered by the amount, start to go a bit more careful on WHAT and When you drink how much:
    - avoid caffeinated beverages
    - alcohol
    - Sodas...
    - spread your drinking quantity over the day - every hour or two hour about 2dl (glass of water) rather than 1liter at a time... your body can NOT make use of much more fluid intake than about 2dl at a single "intake" - the rest will basically be expelled (bladder) again, quickly.

    Doing all of the above - you'll certainly cut down on the amount you wet.

    If this isn't an option for whatever reason: cloth.
    Whilst I'm not a fan of cloth diapers, they can be "customised" with far greater possibilities...

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    Just got up and I'm in my Dry24/7 and plastic pants. My dry24/7 is soaked but no leaks. I'm this way every morning.

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