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Thread: Tena Slip Maxi in the US (second source)

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    Default Tena Slip Maxi in the US (second source)

    So I've done some digging around and found Tena Slip Maxi through about $4/case cheaper than the Bambino website.

    Luckily I can get these shipped to Canada for only about $25 so I'm thinking of a case!

    Figured I'd share as many people are always interested in where to get these diapers.

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    Yeah I checked it out. Bambino has really jacked up their prices on the briefs and pads. I might not shop there in the future, too expensive. I hope you can find other sites that may be helpful. Tell you the truth, I need to just try the Tena Maxi before I even think about buying a case.

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    Not totally true about the price break. Medstar is about $1 cheaper for the Tena Slip diapers unles you are ordering the plain packaging. Then the price goes up on Bambino to about $4 more than Medstar. Both have free shipping on cases of diapers so that isn't a factor on factor is the plain packaging and Bambino offers that while Medstar doesn't. The extra $4 that Bambino charges is for the plain packaging that the person wants when ordering, so it is an extra that the person chooses. Unles I am not seeing something else.


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    I ordered a sample pack from medstar-medical and NEVER recieved them. When I first ordered, they were very responsive. Then NOTHING. they wouldn't reply to emails or phonecalls. I figured they'd gone out of business. But I still have never recieved my order. But I WAS charged. Plus it is fishy for a small company to use a similar name to a very large company called Medstar Health.

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    Default Re: Tena Slip Maxi in the US (second source)

    Hopefully a trend is started here forcing Tena to really take a close look at what the American Tena line has compared to European Tena. Back in 00s they were pretty good and even though they were cloth backed they were better than store bought brands. I had a local supplier that I could buy them from. They've gotten thinner and they got rid of the plastic taping panel that had a decent closure system. Now its just terrible.

    I've contacted both divisions with concerns, but never received a reply.

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    Has anyone else ordered from Medstar recently and had their order delivered without issue?

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