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Thread: Attends Breathable Question

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    Default Attends Breathable Question

    anyone try
    are they good
    are they thick at all
    what are ur inputs

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    About the same thickness as store brand adult briefs so not very thick at all, but they might be a little more absorbant. My problem with them is that the tapes do not work well in my experience. I had to use packing tape and it was just not worth it. If they are really cheap and you want something fun to play with then I might go for it, but don't rely on them not to leak in public or expect them to be very infantile or exciting. If it were me, I would just use that money toward some molicare, abena, bambino, abu stuff etc; You will get fewer diapers, but the quality is so much higher that it is worth the cost.

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    They worked good for me last summer in the Texas heat. Wore them mostly during the day when I was out and about. Still have 2 packs on hand.
    Will start using them again when the temps heat up. For me I didn't have many tape problems.

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    I have used the regular and extra. They are roughly the same thickness but the extra is much better. I find it the best balance between bulk and absorbancy for day use. They also have an overnight version I have not tried.

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    I have been using the overnight attends for a while at night and when I know I can't change during the day. They are thicker than normal and I have yet to have a leak at night with them.

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