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Thread: my new footed pjs

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    Default my new footed pjs

    Just got them in the mail today first time i am have ever worn footed pjs since i was a baby im 20 now and they feel so warm and great and im wearing a bambino teddy under it

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    Footed PJ's rock!!! I got my first set for Christmas and another last month on close-out at Target. Love em

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    Ohh yeah. Footy PJs are the best. I wear them all the time during the colder weather months. I wear them to bed, and even when I'm just laying around the house.

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    yup next on my list is to spend almost 300 on bambino diapers to last me a few months

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    What brand did you get Zackiepooh? I've been wearing a teddy bear print from Jumpin' Jammerz and they are incredibly warm. It's been a cold winter in central Virginia, so I'm glad to have them.

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    I love footies...I haven been wearing them much over the last few weeks...been having some issues...medically speaking.

    I usually wear footies every nite...but just been going from hot/cold every few mins...

    Anyhow, I'm glad you like them...


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    I love my jammies I got mine from Target earlier this year. For some reason they seem to put me to sleep easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babygohan View Post
    I love my jammies I got mine from Target earlier this year. For some reason they seem to put me to sleep easier.
    Me too...

    They seem to calm me down a does a heavy weighted blanket...

    I may very well have a touch of autism/ADHD...

    I have always had some sensory issues...and some neurological issues as well...

    The docs when I was a kid didn't even really know as much as today either...

    Whatever, they told my mom and dad when I was like 2 I wasn't going to make it through the everyday is a bonus...and at 40 years old I've had lots of bonuses...

    FYI, I had severe spinal meningitis when I was like two, I don't remember it but still have effects from it.


    P.s. I hope I get over this hot/cold thing...makes it too difficult with footies...

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    footies are cool. I tend to wear mine round the house more than sleeping in them - Tend to get too hot & want to stick my feet out - which of course I can't do since they're footies lol!

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    I wear my footed pjs all the time. i love them so much. I have cute little duckies on mine.

    i would love to have some Pokemon ones or Digimon ones. Is it possible to able to get some some how ?

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