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    Default Hi!

    After almost 2 years reading withouth an account i finally made an account.
    I am quite shy, so dont expect im posting often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bas200 View Post
    After almost 2 years reading withouth an account i finally made an account.
    I am quite shy, so dont expect im posting often.
    Hi there bas200 and welcome to ADISC! It means a lot that you actually made an account, and plan on posting even a little. I think it's better to be able to post your opinions, and possibly make some friends. Also, if you have some feelings that seem confusing or a tough question that you need answering or are just hard time.. it would be wonderful to be able to support you through those times. All of those things are possible now, which is pretty great in my opinion. I also think that you probably have some interesting thoughts on various subjects as well, and your viewpoint.. whenever you feel like sharing it, would be wonderful.

    Now that you've finally joined, do you feel like telling us just a little bit about yourself? What about the community interests you? What sorts of things do you like to do for fun? What is your favorite color? We would be excited to learn whatever you feel like sharing, but don't let me pressure you into sharing anything you don't want to. What's important is that you have fun, are happy, and are comfortable.

    Have a wonderful time, okay?

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    Hi, welcome to the site, officially. I am newer to this too and have been curious about it my whole life. I just learned somewhat recently that other people like this too. So do you wear diapers or just more curious about it?

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    I wear and also recently found out that other people like this too this site is great for finding what types of diapers to wear and such some good sites for DL are Home Page - The Worlds Best AB/DL Superstore , and there are a few more but those two sites have any kind of diaper you want i just recently ordered my first diapers for i got the Cushies

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    Yes, that is a great site. I ordered the abu ultra sample pack and have been trying those out. It was really nice to get all the different types to try instead of buying a case and realizing you dont like that style.

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